Last first kiss

Aleah Alverez goes on a business trip with her abusive father to London. She runs away to find herself face to face with the Niall Horan. Read to find out their love story. Hey this is my first tell me what you think


1. London

Aleah's pov
Get down here now! I hear my father Craig scream from downstairs. Hi I'm Aleah Alverez and I'm supposed to leave my house to go to London wit my Craig. I don't think. Of him as a dad anymore after he abused me. I come downstairs to see him with a silver blade in his right hand and a small bag of weed in the other. Oh crap! He's high again. I walk over to him and he grabs me by the arm. He then cuts my arms and legs until they swell up and bleed. I fall to the floor and he kicks me in the ribs. While I'm on the floor he yells to me, " Aleah pack up your Shiz and let's go" I run downstairs and jump in the back. (Skip car ride and plane ride) we get to London and the house. I run upstairs and unpack my stuff. I tip toe downstairs and walk to the door. I have a bag with clothes and money. I finally get to the door when he stops me. "What the hell do you think your doing" he says. I look up to him with fear in my eyes and say I'm going "out" he spits in my face a kicks me in the gut and ribs . I run with tears stinging in my eyes. I run to I don't know where when I see a small park. I walk over to it and remember when I used to love parks. I fall asleep in the rain that night on the cold park bench and wake up in a big warm room a baggy shirt on and sweats on. I look to my left and see a muscular blonde guy next to me staring at me . I scream and try to run away when he grabs me.
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