Last first kiss

Aleah Alverez goes on a business trip with her abusive father to London. She runs away to find herself face to face with the Niall Horan. Read to find out their love story. Hey this is my first tell me what you think


2. A new beginning

Nialls pov

I was walking home last night when I see a small brunette sleeping on a park bench. I pick her up and take her home with me. I gently lay her on the bed and get her in some of my warm clothes. I fall asleep next to her and wake up before she does . After a while she wakes up and screams. Not knowing what to do I jump up and grab her. She stared up at me with her blue eyes large with fright. I could tell she was scared of me and besides the fact that she woke up in a strangers house thee was something else wrong.

. Tell me if you guys like it and give me feedback luv ya
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