I want...

We used to be friends, now all I want to do is get away from him... Yes I want to get away from Louis Tomlinson. He just cant leave me alone. Ugh he makes me want to cry everyday.
But one day something I never thought would happen....


3. Partners

Arianas POV:


After 'bout 5 min, our music teacher, Mr Sims, walked in.

"everyone please take a seat and lets get started. Today I am going to give you and partner and you will pick a song and perform at the end of the class got it?" Mr Sims said

we all replied with "yep", "sure" and "whatever"

"ok your partners are Luke and Kylie, Jen and Josh, (other names)      and finally Ariana and Louis"

WHAT WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I thought in my mind.



Louis's POV:


Oh great I have to sing with the dork. I walked to Ariana, and she looked scared as ever.. yes.

"ok listen here, We are singing "The last time" by Taylor Swift featurig Gary Lightbody" i said. she nodded which was so cute cuz she looked so inoccent.. WOH LOUIS SNAP OUT! YOU HATE HER I thought.



We were done rehersing, and shes pretty good..


(after Louis and Ariana sing)

Arianas POV:

"Louis and Ariana stay here for a min" Mr Sims said

We walked over to him quite.

"you guys sang so good that I want You both to sing a different song at the talent show this Friday"

"What, NO" Louis yelled

"too bad you have 3 days to get ready" Mr Sims said and walked away.

I am going to be dead

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