I want...

We used to be friends, now all I want to do is get away from him... Yes I want to get away from Louis Tomlinson. He just cant leave me alone. Ugh he makes me want to cry everyday.
But one day something I never thought would happen....


2. Day gets worse

Ariana POV;


'Boo Ya, off to music' I thought to myself. Me and Avery walked down the hall to music. Nothing could make me feel bad... Oh what, I was wrong. 'OF COURSE, LOUIS HAS TO BE IN MUSIC TOO' I thought. UGH!!!! I always forget 'bout that.

We walk in and I see the devil himself, Louis. He stands there, being the center of attention, like always. Nothing different. Avery and I take our seat and wait for class to begin, when of course he has to come to tease me AGAIN!

"Hey, I thought you wouldve changed if I said I didnt like your outfit" he snarled

"and why would i care what you think" I replied inoccently

"cuz Im way better than you and have more friends than just 1 annoying one''

"shes not annoying, infact shes way better than you" i said getting angry

" Whatever you say.. Oh yeah Go change for the sake for everyone"

With that, he walked away.

Can my day get worse?

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