I want...

We used to be friends, now all I want to do is get away from him... Yes I want to get away from Louis Tomlinson. He just cant leave me alone. Ugh he makes me want to cry everyday.
But one day something I never thought would happen....


1. Never gonna feel pretty

Ariana's POV:



I looked in the mirror, and saw me, a girl that has been hated by the same boy each day. Today I decided to were a pretty purple sun dress with my ballet flats. But the thing is, I knew I would never feel pretty if Louis was at school, which he is everyday. I sighed and grabbed my bag and headed to school.


When I got into school, Louis walked over to me.

"hey there ugly, why you whereing that. Its not going to help your appearence" he said while laughing.

I rolled my eyes, just holding back the tears. I kept walking until I found my one and only friend, Avery.

"how you doing Ariana" she said while giving me a smile.

"ehh, but the hate has started already"

"what a moron"

The bell rang and we headed to music, the only good part of my day.....

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