My unexpected love for One direction

I was a regular girl I swear until one day I meant one direction. My parents well... my mom died when i was 8 and my dad always was strict and beat me but his loving girlfriend loved me. But I had one good friend who understood me and oh also sorry. My name is Summer Lee. I am 18 and i am graduating in three months and then I can move out. I had a step little sister who wanted to see one direction. So I had to take her to the concert with back stage passes and BAM one of the people of one direction hits on me.


1. My miserable life

I remember when my best friend died well she was my best friend. My mom. I missed her. She was always there when I needed her. After she died I was stuck with my dad who beat me sometimes when his girlfriend and other people weren't around. Saying I needed to fight back and be a better person. But I never listened to him.

That night I had a dream that I meant Niall Horan from One Direction. My step sisters favorite band apparently she loved someone named Barry Styles at least that's what I think his name is. Anyway that night Niall proposed to me and said he loved me then I said yes!!! Which I would never do and then I had a dream we went on our honeymoon and then I got pregnant and..... I woke up.

The next morning my little annoying step sister woke me up to the sound of her cellphone that my dad payed for. You see my dad cheated on my mom when I was 8 and was seeing his other girlfriend he still seeing her and then he had a child with her and then my mom was killed in a car "accident". The reason I say "accident" this way is because someone may have done it in purpose. But yea now I have the annoying brat. And my dad payed for her cellphone and she is now 10 and she had an I phone 5 the brand new one and his girlfriend is nice enough to give her old I phone 4 and she has an I phone 5 to and she pays for half and I pay for half. My dad says I need to pay full but she ignores him. Anyways I got up and pushed her away get out of my room I'm not in the mood ugh she was always annoying me. Daddy daddy summer yelled at me I heard her scream from down the hall. Good thing his girlfriend is here because I have enough bruises in my skin. I got up locked my door and then got dressed on jeans a blue tank top and a sweater I yanked the brush through my ugly brown straight hair and put it in a messy bun. Today I had to take the brat to see one direction. I heard the door cling!!! Summer open up he banged in the door Why?!???!!! Don't make me get your mother!!!!!! I don't even have one!!!! The next thing I know he is dead silent. Haha beat that I thought to myself. I heard his foot steps fad away I carefully opened up my door and tiptoed downstairs and grabbed a muffin to eat. Instead I gnawed the sides. I heard footsteps. Oh no Summer is that you sweetie?? Thanks goodness it's only dads Gf. Yea dont worry Jen sorry to disturb you I was just hungry and getting ready to go see the stupid
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