Covering The Hate

They hate me! I don't no why, but they hate me. So my reaction was to hate them back! Ugh! Zayn and Harry get on my last nerve! It's like they got all defensive when I stared dating Liam Payne! What is their problem??


1. Not OK Anymore

Jennifer POV
"Fuck off Harry!" He had technically just tried to poison me! "I know you hate me, but I didn't know that you wanted to kill me!" I kept yelling in his face. You see, I am seriously allergic to mushrooms and I specifically asked Harry if he put any mushrooms in the spaghetti he made. Which, of course, he said no. When he started laughing right before I took a bite, I threw the bowl at him.

"Well you we're wrong!" he yelled back at me. I was furious. I couldn't believe that he just did that! "Well someone looks angry," I heard Zayn say as he walked through the door. I flipped him off and ran off to my room. I was done with them!

"Jennifer! Are you alright?" I heard the beautiful voice of my boyfriend, Liam Payne. I stormed out of the room an towards Liam. "No I am not OK! Those boys," I pointed to the kitchen door, "Are driving me insane!" Liam looked at the door and back at me. "Not again!" he said as he held his head in his hand. "What do you mean not again it never stops! EVER!" I knew that yelling at him probably wasn't the best option and I probably wasn't being the best girlfriend either, but at the moment I seriously didn't care.
Liam POV
I didn't know what to do. This happened all the time. I looked at Jennifer and pulled her into a hug. "Jen, I really don't know what to do or say at this point, just don't let them get to you," I said calmly. I felt her snuggle into me, which made me smile. "I'm trying," she said, her voice muffled by my chest. I released her and started to walk into the kitchen. "I am going to see what this was all about" she nodded at me and headed off in the other direction.(haha get it)
Jennifer POV
I felt really good after Liam talked to me and even better that he was going to to the Devil's helpers A.K.A Zayn Malik and Harry Styles.

I walked into the living room. As I was about to sit down on the couch someone tackled me over. "HELLO!!!" Louis yelled on top of me. Louis and Niall had nothing against me... Sooo YAY!! "YOU DON'T HAVE TO YELL I AM RIGhT HERE!" I yelled back in a mocking tone. "Touchy," an Irish voice chimed in. "Don't even get me started," I replied as Louis hopped of me and sat next to me. "Harry and Zayn again?" Niall asked seeming concerned. "None other than," I said annoyingly. Then we all heard a crash come from the kitchen. Oh Shit!

I sat there 12 feet under the ground. It's was silent except for the ripples of water I heard around me. I could see my brown hair flow around me. I wanted to stay like that forever, away from Harry and Zayn. I love Liam but I don't know how long I can keep this up. Living with him I mean. I moved in with him last month and things just got worse between Zayn and and Harry, and I. I felt my lungs start to burn, signaling that I needed air. I quickly swam to the top of the water at rocket speed only to meet back with the real world. As I came up I glanced through the glass doors where I saw Liam yelling at the boys. He wasn't happy when he found out what Harry had done and it wasn't helping that the other boys were trying to calm him down (not Zayn of course).

I got out of the pool and wrapped a towel around my magenta bikini. I had to go inside and clean the mess in the kitchen up sooner or later. Liam ended throwing the pot of spaghetti onto the floor and Harry. He deserved it. I snuck in through the front trying to avoid the chaos. I got into my room and quickly changed into a pair of black denim shorts and a hot pink tank top with a black vest over it. I then proceeded to the kitchen. The floor was a mess and Harry's clothes were on the floor. Typical. He is such an ass running around naked all the damn time! Of course I have never seen anything nor do I want to. Picking up a towel and a bottle of cleaning spray, I wiped up the spaghetti up from the floor. Then I grabbed Harry's clothes with just two fingers and held it away from me. I walked to his room and threw the tomato stained clothes onto his bed.

"JENNIFER!!" I heard Harry scream from his room. I was guessing he had probably found his clothes. "Yes?" I said innocently. He walked in with his filthy clothes and straight towards the laundry room. I was shocked he know where that was. He stormed out and sat in the recliner and took out his phone, not daring to look at me. I was smirking and the other boys were trying to focus on the TV.

I was sitting by Louis and Liam. I was snuggled into Liam but Louis had his arm draped around my shoulder. Liam got up and I looked at him with a sad look on my face. "I won't be long and you have Louis to keep you company," he said while pointing to Lou. I snuggled into him and smiled. "Yay my teddy bear!" I said. Lou smiled and held me closer. " I love you teddy," I smiled and looked up at him. "love you too," he said while tapping my nose. "you guys are LAME!" Niall complained, but i knew he was just kidding. "Tell me about it! I mean if you to are going to do this to Liam then at least tell him!" Zayn said sounding irritated. What did he mean by that? Me and Lou were close he knew that. No matter how much we hated each other, we both knew things. I mean we live together! "What the fuck does that mean?" I asked defensively and sitting up to face Zayn. He look angry. "Yah you guys know i wws just kiding," Niall added. Then Harry spoke up. "He means that you should just tell Liam your fucking someone else and maybe save him some pain!". I was furious! Did he really just say that? No! No way! "YOU BOTH TAKE THAT BACK!" I screamed at them. "Or what we all know it's the truth," Zayn snapped. Just then Liam walked in. "What's the truth? what's going on?" "Oh nothing," Harry said smirking at me. Bastard. "Oh nothing I am just leaving this HELL HOLE!!" I said storming out the front door.

I heard someone coming behind me but I kept walking quickly to my car. It was probably Liam anyway, and there was nothing that he could say that could change what they had just said to me.
As I was struggling to unlock the car a felt a strong hand on my shoulder. It hurt. "Liam your hurting me!" I yelled in pain. He forced me to turn around and face him. "I'm not Liam," the voice in front of me whispered. It was Harry. His hands were on either side of my head and I was pinned against my car. "What the fuck do you want?" I asked hastily trying to get through with this conversation. "I don't want you to hurt him!" he said I little above a whisper. "who?" I asked. "Liam, my best friend, MY BROTHER!" he increased his voice with each word. "I wouldnt dream of it!" I spat. I seriously wanted to slap Harry's face right off but I couldn't move. "get off me Harry." I said sighing but my teeth clenched. "I'm not finished talking to you." he said calmly. I wanted to go home. Oh wait this is my home. Ok so I wanted to get away from him and Zayn. NOW!

That's when I came up with an idea.

I leaned forward towards Harry's face and got on my tippy toes. "seriously, I don't think Liam would like us so close," I whispered into his ear trying to sound sexy as I ran my hand through his amazing hair. Wait... Amazing... WHAT?? His hands fell to his side and as I went around him to get to the door handle I kept my hand in his hair lightly, making him turn with me. His mouth gaped as I got in the car and drove

This time, I won.

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