All I've Ever Wanted [COMPLETED]

Samantha is nothing but your average normal teenage girl. She is eighteen, spends time with her friends, has disagreements with her siblings and fights with her siblings. Just normal.

She has lived in California all her life and wants to go start her life and have fun since she just graduated. She gets to go to the lovely, beautiful country of London, England and visit family for the entire summer.

Please read to find out what will happen once she runs into a certain curly haired boy from the new British pop boy band, One Direction…please read and comment for more ;)



Just letting you all know the sequel From This Moment On is up!!! Check it out for me and let me know what you think?! <3 any kind of feedback (comments, likes & favorites) would be awesome! c: I'd also like to thank everyone who has read this and left me your thoughts, it means so much! The sequel is up along with the first two chapters! Check it out for me (:


no one likes a silent reader♥ comment, favorite and like!

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