My Fake Love Story

Harry never thought the game of dare would get him into so much trouble. When Harry is dared by Louis to play with a girls heart- a girl he thought he had never even met before- he didnt know he would find what he did. And the one thing getting in his way was Niall.... Jennifer never saw it coming..


1. The Dare That Started It All

"Ah mates why?" Niall asked while his toungue was sticking out. We were playing a game of dare or dare (no way out right?), and Niall got dared to chug a whole bottle of hot sauce. He ended up getting about a spoonful in his mouth before exploding. Then He ran to the bathroom. The boys and I all laughed. Yup, just an average night at Nandos.

"So dare or dare Harry?" Louis asked with a serious, yet funny face. "Dare!" I yelled in his face. "Umm ok... I dare you to get that girl over there," he pointed a finger a pretty dirty blonde girl a couple booths away from us," to fall in love with you," Louis said with a devilish smile. "Don't get attached Styles! It's part of the dare! Once she loves you, you can leave!" He said sternly. "Really Lou?" Liam asked with an unsure tone in his voice. "Yes! Shoo shoo curly!" He said motioning me to get started with the mission. I had a feeling this wouldn't end well. Louis is so evil...
As I walked up to the table I saw that along with the dirty blonde haired girl, there was also a shorter girl with brown hair. I thought of some ice breakers.

"Aye! My names Harry ."

Her name was Jennifer. I ended up getting a number and a twitter name. I guess she might as well get something out of it, and who doesn't want a follow from Harry Styles? I texted her asking her if she had any plans the next day.

Jennifer POV
"Don't you just love their music?" Victoria asked from her bed. Victoria and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. We are more like sisters, and together we own a flat here in London. "Duh!" I yelled in reply. Getting to meet Harry Styles from One Direction, may or may not have been the highlight of my day. Oh what am I saying... LIFE!!!! And he was texting me. Ok gotta stay calm.
"Tomorrow we are going on a date," I said rummaging through my closet. "Ooooh where??" She asked. I look at her and put a casual look in my face. "Oh just going to get a coffee, and take a walk." She looked at me like I was crazy. "Freak out right now!! Do It!!!!!! How can you not be freaking out??!!" She yelled while shaking me. I pushed her off of me and onto her bed, then continued to look through my closet. "He is just a normal boy V," I said using my nickname for her. "Yah he is an EXTREMLY HOT normal boy," Victoria exclaimed. I laughed. She was such a loon.

Harry POV
Time for a fake date. I guess this is wrong but, it was a dare from Louis so I can't back out. So what do I need for a fake date? Hmm... Clothes? Clothes. Duh clothes! I picked out some dark jeans and a grey jack wills t-shirt. I want to look casual.
"Remember don't get attached!" Louis said as I walked out the door. I noticed that Niall wasn't home. Ah whatever he is probably out getting something to eat.
Nialls POV
I loved her laugh. It was just so contagious! I smiled at her and took her hand. She laughed but didn't pull away. She acted like she had knew me for ages, but we had only been there for about 20 minutes.

"You can't be siting here alone, so who did you come with?" I asked. She smiled but the smile soon disappeared. "Oh my gosh I came here to meet your friend, Harry," she said like she had made a big mistake. At first I was gonna ask how she knew he was friends with me, then I remembered that she has probably heard if the band. "It's alright, as long as you promise to call me," I said hoping she would accept. She took the number, as I grinned like an idiot. Then I heard the sound of an all to familiar boy. "Niall?"

Harry POV
"Niall?" I asked looking at him. What was he doing? He knew I had that dare. Wait.... No he didn't. He was in the bathroom, rinsing his mouth of hot sauce the night before. He knew I had the dare, he just didn't know it was with her. I cooled down quickly and walked up to the table. Niall got up and gave Jennifer a kiss on the cheek. "I guess I will go now. Text me aye?" Niall asked. She nodded "Sure thing!"

"So I see you have met Niall," I said. "Yup he is really nice," she said gazing off in his direction. No no no no no no! Niall will not mess this up! I took her hand and led her out of her chair. "Coffee?" She offered, but I shook my head. "No lets go for a walk," I said trying to get her mind off of Niall.

We walked for a while and I found that I quite liked her. She was interesting, and honest. If only I could attached. She kept talking about something but I couldn't pay attention. I was just watching her hand there, alone. I grabbed it and heard her stop talking, but she quickly proceeded. After a while I still didn't let go of her hand. "Are you ok?" She asked. "What?" I replied confused. "You haven't let go of my hand for the past thirty minutes. Are you afraid I'm gonna fly away?" She said with a sweet smile. No I'm just afraid your gonna fall in love with someone else, is what I wanted to say."Umm no." I said instead. (haha it rhythms) She was so honest and I didn't know what to say. I quickly removed my hand from hers. I felt her hand touch my hair. "I'm sorry but it's just so curly! Why?" She laughed, and her laugh made me laugh. Oh no. Houston I think we have a problem! 


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