My Fake Love Story

Harry never thought the game of dare would get him into so much trouble. When Harry is dared by Louis to play with a girls heart- a girl he thought he had never even met before- he didnt know he would find what he did. And the one thing getting in his way was Niall.... Jennifer never saw it coming..


2. Remebering

 Harry POV
It's just a crush Harry get over it. It won't kill you! But, what if it does? What if I really like her? Well then screw Louis' dare! I
Jennifer POV
Harry's nice. I loved how he held my hand, but I felt like I did all the talking. I don't know if I will be going on another date with him.
As I crossed the street over to my flat, I noticed that Victoria's car was parked out front. She was here, and she would want every detail.
What about Niall? He was perfect. His laugh. His smile. His blue eyes, and flow of conversation. When he touched me, I felt sparks. Cheesy, I know, but true.
I opened the door with a click. " oh my gosh your back!!!" I heard Victoria yell. Her familiar voice echoed through the rooms. "Yup!" I yelled back. I made my way to the sound of her voice. I had a lot to tell my best friend.
Harry POV
I made my way back to the flat. Once I got there I quickly searched for Niall. There was only two cars there. Mine and his. The others must have went out. I found Niall in the living room. He was talking to somebody. "Like I said, I am Aso glad you called!" He said. Then there was a pause. "I miss you already," pause "tomorrow sounds great," pause "don't worry about what to wear, you always look beautiful" pause. That bastard really knew what he was saying. "Ok babe see you then," I heard the phone click, meaning he had hung up. I slowly walked in. "You played that girl pretty well," I complimented him, not knowing that side was in him. "Playing?" He asked, suprised. "No, no I really like this girl!" Niall pleaded for me to believe him. His eyes were begging and they were full of truth. Who was this girl? "Who is she?" I rephrased my question out loud. "It was girl you saw today, Jennifer," at the mention of her name his eyes sparkled. Well this is just great.... Not! 

Jennifer POV
I woke up early. Victoria had big reactions to the news I told her yesterday, and we both went to sleep early. I looked at my phone and saw that I had 5 messages.

Sexy Irish man: Good morning babe!

Sexy Irish man: Are we still in for today.

Hazza: Hey

Hazza: good morning

Hazza: text me when you wake up?

I smiled and replied to both texts


To sexy Irish man: Yup! I'm really excited(:


To Hazza: I'm up I'm up!! Don't die!!

 I giggled and set my phone down look for something to wear. Once I found something presentable I fixed my hair, and applied my makeup.
Niall was taking me on a date, so I didn't eat anything.
I heard my phone ding.

From Sexy Irish man: I'm here.

I ran out the door and saw Niall standing there his arms outstretched for a Horan hug, but I couldn't resist. I jumped into his arms, and put my legs around his waist. It was a picture perfect moment. I don't know why, but Niall and I had this connection.
Niall POV
She jumped into my arms, linking her legs around my waist. I loved it! Every thing about her being close to me made sense. I didn't like the fact that Harry was going along with Louis dare. Jennifer was so fun, and cute, and I don't want Harry to hurt her. "Hello!" I cheered smiling brightly with her in my arms. "Hiya!" She pulled her head back so she could look me in the eyes. She planted a sweet peck on my lips, and then hopped out of my arms. It was the perfect moment. She was absolutely amazing.
Harry POV
I unpleasantly found out that Jennifer lives on the street that I go down every day. I drive by that flat not even knowing she's there. But today, I noticed. There she was in Niall's arms. It was the picture perfect movie moment. And then she kissed him. Well not really kissed, but gave him a peck on the lips. This just wasn't my day.
Jennifer's POV
The date was amazing. The whole day was perfect. And I was hoping there would be many more dates like it. Niall just left 5 five minutes ago, and Victoria was spending the night at Her boyfriends house. I sat on my couch soaking in the day, when I heard three knocks on my door. "I'm coming!" I yelled, while running to get to the door. When I opened it I was suprised at who I saw. "Harry?"
Chapter 5
Harry POV
"Harry?" Jennifer asked. I didn't say a word. Niall was taking her away from me, and I needed her back. I put my hand on her bum and pulled her up for a kiss. Something about this moment was so familier. Like it had happend before. Her blue eyes, and pink lips seemed like home. She pulled away quickly."Look Harry, umm. That was great but, I really like your mate Niall, and honestly, our date yesterday, wast that much fun," she said half-smiling. She grabbed my hand off of her bum and moved it away.
"What do you mean?" I was confused. "Look, I don't like you. I like Niall," she said it slowly. How subtle of her. I was angry but I tried not to show it. I didn't want to scare her. I backed away from her. I don't know if it was because I had a crush on her, or because her choosing Niall over me ruined my ego, but I wasn't going to give up yet.
I needed to know what made her feel so close. What made her feel like my home. But then I took one more look in her eyes. "Jennifer. Jennifer Wright?" She looked at me oddly. "Uhh yah." It was her. It just had to be. I had a girlfriend before I went to x-factor. She was beautiful. I honestly thought we were gonna last but, we didn't. I missed her but my mind had to move on because of my growning fame. But here she was, standing right in front of me. Turning me down. "Don't you remember me? Back home we used to date, in Holmes Chapel," I said trying to refresh her memory. She looked lost in thought. "Oh my gosh Harry!" She yelled and then pulled me into a hug. I didn't let go I just savored the moment of having her in my arms.

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