It's You

Emma and Harry have been bestfriends since childhood. To many time without seeing each and finally 2 years later, Harry finishing his Tour Up All Night and beggining the Tour of Take Me Home, and Emma having success in her modeling career, they have the change of seeing each other in a photo shoot. What happen between the 2 of them after this? Read it and find out!


3. Why did you call?

Emma's POV.

It was around 4:00pm and I finally arrive to the hotel. "I'm going to be with Amy okey?" "Sure" So Robert got a new 'girlfriend' he was always with her and they make a cute couple. They are not dating but where good friends, and she seems to be a good girl. Whatever I went to Harry's and Niall's room. I knock the door and Niall opened "Hey Nialler" "Emma! Come in" I smile to him and Harry was sitting in the couch they have in their. "So.. Explain me, what was that call for?" Harry turn around and he was red like a tomato. "Uhmm.. You know.. Ermm"

Harry's POV.

"Uhmm.. You know.. Erm" I was totally embarrassed. "Tell me" she look at me very serious. "I wanted to be sure if you where my girlfriend" she sat next to me in the couch and kiss me very sweet. "This answer your question?" She say with this little smile that always make my melts. "I don't know.. I'm not sure about it" I say to her and she say "So lets try again" she kiss me again but more passioned. She had her hands on my face and I wrap my arms in her waist. She move back and I said "So you are my girlfriend?" "Yup" she lay her head on my shoulder and Niall enters to the room "Guys I'm hungry" "Dude you just ate a big plate of pasta" "Shut up Harry"

Emma's POV.

"Niall I can cook you something" I say to him. I know how much Harry love my food and I thought that Niall will love it too. "She cook amazing! She is the best chef of the world! I remember when we use to be neighbors, she cooked for me this amazing tacos and God Niall you will love it!" "I can't wait!" Niall and Harry where talking about how I cook and all that. I went to the little kitchen they had in their room. I decide to make pizza for them. I was cocking and I could hear Niall and Harry talking about me. "Niall" "Yes Harry?" "I really love her" "Mate she is a sweet girl, don't mess up with her, she look like a keeper" "Yes mate I know, she knows me better than my mom, she is like the perfect girl for me" "Yeah I know how you feel" I couldn't stop smiling, I want to go and kiss him and tell him that I love him. I was so distracted that I  burn my finger with the oven. I was putting the pizzas in the oven and accidentally burn my finger.  "Ahh" I scream in pain. It's getting red and it is swollen.

Harry's POV

I hear Emma scream from the kitchen. I jump off of the couch and ran towards the kitchen "Emma" she was crying and pressing her finger. "Hey, what happen?" I ask her while I hug her "I-I burn m-my fing-ger" "Let me see it" she show me her finger and right then scream "Don't touch it!" And put her face in my shirt. She was crying so hard. It hurts me seeing her cry that way! "It's a bit red and puffy baby but its nothing" I kiss her finger and she start to calm down. I was sitting on the floor with her until she stop crying. "Thanks Hazz" "Everything for you"

Emma's POV.

I calm down and ask Harry "I can't cook like this, can you help me please" "Yes of course". We finish the pizza and call Niall. I stand up and look for him and he was sleeping "Niall" "Hey Nialler" I shake him softly and whisper to him but he didn't woke up "Dinner is ready" He was wide awake after my words. I jump a little and giggle. We ate the pizza and Niall and Harry where eating like little babies. They look like little boys watching a Victoria's Secret show. I smile to them and Niall says "You are an angel from heaven that came to the Earth to cook me, you cook amazing" "Thanks Niall!" "Wut, Niall she is MY angel, not yours" "Sorry mate" I roll my eyes and Harry says "But it's true!" I blow him a kiss and finish the pizza. It was late and I say goodbye, kiss Harry and went to my room.

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