It's You

Emma and Harry have been bestfriends since childhood. To many time without seeing each and finally 2 years later, Harry finishing his Tour Up All Night and beggining the Tour of Take Me Home, and Emma having success in her modeling career, they have the change of seeing each other in a photo shoot. What happen between the 2 of them after this? Read it and find out!


1. Its you.


"Bye Hazz" I said to my best friend Harry before going to his tour Up All Night. "Bye Emma, take care please" "I will" I hug him tight, I don't want to see him leaving. "I'll miss you" he whispered in my ear and tears start falling from my eyes. I had my face in his shoulder. "No, don't cry! It will be harder for me Emma" He whip the tears from my face and kiss my forehead. "I'll miss you too"

-2 years  without seeing each other-

Emma's POV

I've change a lot. I'm thinner, my hair is more pretty, I don't have acne anymore thanks God, and I'm a model. Since childhood Harry and I wanted to be famous, he wanted to be a singer and I wanted to a model. Our dreams came true but we thought we where going to be together in this crazy process. Whatever, I miss him a lot. We haven't talk since our goodbye 2 years ago.

Today I have a photo shoot in LA. I've been in this plane since hours! It feels endless! Finally I arrive to my hotel, it was huge and beautiful, have pools, my room is huge, with this amazing bathroom, my bed was like heaven, it was just perfect. Unfortunately the photo shoot was today, I change my clothe for something more casual for the event and my bodyguard Robert was waiting for me outside the hotel. "Ready Emma?" I smile to him and we went outside, the paparazzi where going crazy! Robert push everyone and I jump into the car. Robert it's kinda my big brother, he isn't old, he have like 25 years, I'm 17, so yeah, he kinda my big brother. We finally arrive to the place where I was going to have my photo shoot. It was a huge building, with like 50 floors! I jump off of the car and walk towards the building. Robert and I went to the elevator and he push the 6th floor. I arrive to the place and the photographer introduce himself, he seems a good person. He show me the area where they were going to make my hair and make up. I was all dress up, my hair was perfect, and the make up was beautiful. "Emma the photo shoot is going to be with a famous band" The photographer said to me and I say "Do you know the name of the band?" I have curiosity, maybe is Harry's band, Emma stop dreaming your are never going to see him again. "Uhmm One Direction if I don't get it wrong" "What?" My eyes open bigger than ever, my smile wasn't normal. I'm going to see Harry again! Robert knew everything about Harry and he just hug me, he knew I was so happy.

Harry's POV.

Today we have a photo shoot for a magazine and they told us that we are going to have a model. I remember Emma wanted to be a model. I miss her so bad. But it's impossible. I'm not going to see her again. It's been 2 years. I remember her smile, her green beautiful eyes, I remember how she talk about her dreams and she was just perfect. Louis interrupt my thoughts about her saying that we arrive to the place. "Hey mate, we are here come on" I smile to him and jump off of the car. We went to the 6th floor and the photographer introduce himself. Show us where was make up and hair. Finally we are finish and I was so exited to see how's going to be the model. It can be Emma. Stop, it's never going to be Emma. "Well boys your model for today is Emma Stevens" YOU NEED TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME. My smile was bigger than ever and Louis notice and ask "Why so exited?" "Mate she is my best friend, I have a crush on her since childhood" Louis smile and says "Look her, she is beautiful" I turn around and Emma was walking towards us, damn she looks stunning.

Emma's POV.

There is Harry. My Harry. I walk towards them and introduce myself. "Hi guys I'm Emma, I'm going to be the model of this photo shoot" "Hi Emma, I'm Liam" "I'm Zayn" "I'm Niall" "I'm Louis" "And I've miss you so much" "Harry!" I hug him and he hug me back. "I miss you too" "you look beautiful Emma" I smile to the ground and said "Thanks, I'm trying my best" He pull gently my chin up with his finger and says "You don't need to, you are like that since forever" I hug him again and said "You don't know how much I've miss you cheeky boy" "And you don't know how much I've miss my best friend"

Harry's POV.

"So guys she going to be in the middle of you, between Harry and Zayn. Harry you are going to put your hands in her waist and Zayn you are going to hold her hand, Niall, Liam and Louis you are going to be in the floor posing for me" I was shaking, I put my hands in her waist and the man start taking the photos. "Okay now you are going to have one individual and one with Emma" The man start with the individual of Zayn. Then Zayn and Emma and Like that. It was my turn of the individual photo and Emma was behind the man making funny faces for me, I couldn't handle and laugh. I miss her funny faces, I miss her like no one in the world. Then was my turn with Emma and the man said "Harry your are going to hold her from her waist and you Emma from his neck and simulate a kiss, I need to feel love between the 2 of you" that wasn't that hard. I love her. I look her into the eyes and man she is perfect.

Emma's POV

I want to kiss him so bad. Our foreheads where touching. I couldn't hide my smile and he was smiling too. Our lips where touching. He kiss me. It feels like fireworks inside me. I couldn't believe this, I've wait this moment since we first met. HE IS KISSING ME.

Harry's POV

I just kiss her. I could hear everyone clapping. Emma was smiling while I was kissing her. It felt like magic. We finish kissing and she was looking into my eyes, she was smaller than me, so when we kiss she was in her tip toes. I carry her and kiss her one last time. She blush and the man says "Well I think we finish here" Emma and I giggle and I hug her. Her bodyguard call her.

Emma's POV

Robert call me "Emma come here please" I look at Harry and smile at him and ran towards Robert. "What happen?" "Emma change your clothe and give your number to Harry, we need to go I'm sorry" I know that Robert care about me, I smile at him, kiss his cheek and ran to the dressing rooms, change my clothe and walk towards Harry. "So Hazz I need to go" "Give me your number Emma" I took his phone, copy my number and took a photo for him. I hug him, kiss his cheek and ran towards Robert. I turn around for seeing him one last time and he was touching his cheek, I stole his hear one last time, he is mine again. I smile to myself and the paparazzi start flashing and asking questions "Do you like One Direction?" "How was your photo shoot today" I smile to them and jump into my car.

Harry's POV.

We where going to the hotel and I couldn't stop seeing the photo Emma left I my phone. I saw a bunch of paparazzi in the front door of the hotel and a brunet going down a black car. She turn around and was Emma. Emma stays in the same hotel we are staying. This is only getting better. Take Me Home, our second album, all the songs are for her, but no one knows that besides me. She enter to the hotel and we enter behind her.

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