It's You

Emma and Harry have been bestfriends since childhood. To many time without seeing each and finally 2 years later, Harry finishing his Tour Up All Night and beggining the Tour of Take Me Home, and Emma having success in her modeling career, they have the change of seeing each other in a photo shoot. What happen between the 2 of them after this? Read it and find out!


4. Christmas Eve.

Emma's POV

I woke up because the alarm of my phone start ringing. I grab my phone and stop the alarm but it have a massage. Christmas Eve. Oh fuck!! I forgot that today is Christmas Eve! I jump off of my bed, change my clothing and went to a mall. I can't see Robert and the boys without a present, and for Louis I need to buy two, is his birthday too. I ran through the lobby and tell Merry Christmas to everyone that was in there. I didn't have the keys of the car so I went to the mall walking. Yes paparazzi start coming and asking questions, asking me about Harry and all that stuff. I answer a few questions and enter to the mall. I bough to Liam all the movies of Toy Story, Niall I paid in Nando's 1.500 dollars and whenever he wants to go he don't need to pay for it. Louis for his birthday a perfume and Christmas a pair of shoes, Zayn a new mirror, Robert a jacket and Harry a new pair of white converse.

Harry's POV.

I woke up and ran towards Louis, Liam's and Zayn's room. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I jump in Louis bed and we all sang Happy Birthday. Liam and Niall yell "And Christmas! Merry Christmas!" We all hug and went to the diner for breakfast. "Guys I'm going to look for Emma" "Okay mate" Louis said and I went to her room.

Emma's POV.

I am now wrapping the presents and Harry enters to my room "No! Go away! You are going to see your present!" I yell to him and he just kiss my cheek and said "I'll be in the diner" I smile to him and say "I'll go in a minute" He walk away and I finish the present stuff. I change from skinny jeans to shorts and my shirt for a hoodie.  I put on my black converse and went to the diner. I found Robert in the way and he says "Merry Christmas ugly!" He hug me and I hug him back "Merry Christmas for you to bro" I kiss his cheek and say "I have your present!" "And I have yours!" He went with me to the diner.

Harry's POV

So I see Emma and Robert coming towards us. Emma sat by my side and Robert by Liam's. we ate and  I ask Louis if he wants to go to a movie or something for his birthday. He says it was okay. So the 5 of us where changing our clothing and Louis ask "And Emma won't come with us?" "I thought you didn't want her to come" I say to him. "Of course I want her to come! She is like a sister to me!"

Louis POV.

I went to Emma's room. "Emm" "Yes come in is open" I enter to her room and she was looking for a present. I think for my present. "Here you have Boo Bear, happy birthday!" "Thanks Emm" I opened and was the perfume that we saw last time we went to the mall. I hug her and she kiss my cheek. "So you are coming with us!" "But I tho-" "No nothing you are coming with us" I grab her hand and ran towards the boys.

Emma's POV

Louis grab my hand and ran towards the boys. All of them hug me. "Guys am the little one here, I can't breath" they giggle and let me go. We jump to the car and went to a cinema. It was TED. Best movie ever. We where laughing our buts out. Harry have his arm around me and I don't know, I feel like safe in his arms. It weird but I do. Memories of the old times where flashing in my head. The day we realize that I always wear black converse and he wear them white, when I bough him his Jack Will sweeter, I bough one for me pink, when he was sick and I had to take care of him because Anne was working, when we where younger and we played that I was the princess and he was the prince, the first time we kiss, it was awkward because we where friends, we where in a cinema with some friends and out of nothing we kiss, it felt like magic, fireworks, sparks, it's something that I can't explain. Harry interrupt my thoughts. "Emm wanna go to a water park?" "Yes sure, if Louis doesn't care.." "Of course I don't care!" I smile to Louis and we went to the water park. We where playing like little kids with the water, they gave us this water guns, so we start playing with them. We had a lot of fun but it was getting dark and the hotel invite us to the Christmas Eve party. We went to the hotel and everyone went to their rooms. I kiss Harry and he hug me and I ran towards my room. I took a shower and I put on a blue dress. It ends on top of my knees, it was strapless. I put on my sparkles heels and my hair like a bow. You know? Like the bows that they make with your own hair? Well like that. I put some make up, not to much and went to Harry's room.

Harry's POV

I open the door and there was Emma, more beautiful than ever. She was looking to the floor and I can tell she feels a little insecure. "Hey, don't be, you look beautiful" I say to her pulling up her face. She smile to me and I kiss her nose. We where going all the lads including Robert and Emma to the dinner the hotel have prepared to us. We sat together and music start to sound,  and Emma stand up an start dancing, she is a really good dancer. People join her and she hold my hand and I start dancing with her. We where laughing because I'm a mess dancing, I am and she is just so good in everything she do. "Please, we have the honor to present you the  British Irish band, One Direction!" They where all clapping and we where smiling and waving to them. "Can you sing something for us?" We look at each other and say yes. I stand up and whisper to Emma "This song is for you" she smile to me and blow me a kiss. "We are going to sing a song of our new album, it's call Heart Attack" Liam say and people start clapping. I just look Emma all the time. "And OW your giving me a heart attack looking like you do" Emma was clapping and dancing. She was giving me a heart attack. We finish the song and everyone was clapping. We went down from the stage and Emma gave to us our Christmas gift. Every present was so cool, she knows us very well. I sat down with her and gave her a little box. "What is this?" She ask me with a smile in her face. "Open it" she open the box and saw the necklace. It was a paper plane like mine. She move her hair and I put it on her. She kiss me and I kiss her back. The evening was over and we went to our rooms. "Merry Christmas my love" I whisper to her before she enters to her room. "Merry Christmas babe" she reply to me. This was the best Christmas ever.

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