The Perfect Match

Janie and Amanda have been best friends for as long as they can remember, Janie is the biggest directioner out there, Amanada could care less but, when they meet them accidentally one night in a coffee shop, everyone gets a buzz, and not just from the coffee.


10. You're coming With Me

She left her straightener on, She left her straightener on!! SHE LEFT HER DAMN STRAIGHTENER ON!!!

We rushed around grabbing meaningful objects and things like keys and wallets, I rushed to grab my phone and we both tried to pack as much clothes as we could, I lucky had very large suitcases and got my stuff packed quickly so I threw everything outside and helped Janie, she was trying to get all her stuff but was crying in the process, 

"Shh Janie, it's not your fault. We'll be alright." I rubbed her back as I tried comforting her,

"But it is!!" she cried,

"Ok Janie we really have to go!!" I yelled as we packed up what was left of our stuff and flew down the stairs as the upper level of our house became ablaze, the firemen arrived seconds after and tried their best to put out the massive fire Janie's straightener had caused.
Lucky I grabbed my inheritance and Janie and I would be back on our feet soon.


Harry's POV: 
I decided to just go over to Amanda and Janie's place rather than call, maybe surprise her. We just got done recording and I rushed outside to my car, I drove quickly as I rushed to see my girlfriend. I turned her corner and right where her house should have been stood a pile of burnt wood and ash, oh my god... What happened?? Where's Amanda??? Is she still alive?!? I was freaking out, I screamed her name with no response. I dialed her number and thankfully heard her angelic voice.

"Harry!! You're done recording! Yay!" she sounded so happy...

"Yeah, and your house is burned to shit. What's going on?" I replied very concerned,

"Just come to mine and Janie's hotel where we're staying.." she said softly then explained her whereabouts, I took Niall with me knowing he would want to see Janie. 
We drove to the girls' hotel and went up to their room, Niall knocked on the door and we heard light quick footsteps approach the door, Janie. She opening the door and jumped into Nialls arms, he held her close, I squeezed past and found Amanda asleep in bed, I lied down next to her and started stroking her hair.


Amanda's POV: 
I felt a hand on my face and woke up to some amazingly familiar hands and arms wrapped around me. I turned to see Harry under the covers with me and him holding my half asleep body close. I touched his face and he held my hand on it. Boy did I love those green eyes.
We snuggled up to eachother for a little while until I figured I'd tell him what was going on. 
*ten minutes later*

"Wow..." was all he could say,

"I know.. It sucks and now we have to stay here until we find a place," I said feeling sorry for myself,

"You know you're welcome to stay with me," he said thoughtfully,

"I would, but I can't leave Janie," I said guiltily,
But Janie came rushing in,

"Amanda, I'm staying at Nialls so, see ya!" 
Was all she said as she grabbed all her stuff with Niall's assistance and left, thanks Jane...

"Looks like you're coming with me," Harry grinned and helped me grab all of my stuff,
We put it in my trunk and I followed Harry back to his place. 


We got to his house and he showed me to a spare room where I could put my stuff, I sat down on the bed testing it's comfiness,

"No no no," Harry said taking my hands and pulling me off the bed,"
"You're staying with me," he said grinning as he led me to his room and sat me down on his wonderful king sized bed,
It was getting late and I was pretty tired because of recent events so I went up and grabbed clothes from my bag in the spare bedroom and walked into Harry's room, the bathroom light was on so I figured he was in the shower so he would be a while, I took off my jeans and top and took off my bra, my chest visible to all, it felt weird changing in Harry's room, I was about to go back to the spare when out walked a naked Harry from the steam filled bathroom, his was flicking his soaked mop of hair around when he finally  noticed me standing there, he grinned. I didn't know what to do.. His eyes fixed on my bare chest, I pulled my arms around myself and stuttered,
"I.. Was.. J.. Just getting changed into my pajamas," 

"Amanda, it's fine, I'm naked, you're almost naked, what's the problem?" he asked smiling down at me as he walked closer,

"I guess I'm not sure..." I said quietly as I let my arms fall,

His eyes widened as he fixated on my almost naked body, and I let him take over, 
He pushed me onto his bed and started kissed my collarbone, he moved down and kissed my exposed body all over, he finally made his face closer to mine and our lips met, we rolled around making out for a very short time before my underwear were off and he was inside of me, it was mine and Harry's first time and I was in heaven, it felt amazing, he felt amazing! I moaned and was about to change positions when I remembered... This was Harry's first time, I had to make it special for him. I could tell he was ready to blow at any  second now and I was almost close to almost getting there... He really didn't know what he was doing so I changed my position enabled him to go deeper, finally!! Now it really felt amazing, he could tell I was more experienced than him so he was a little self conscious but I kissed him deeply and we both finished and he pulled out and we lied on the bed together, slowly falling asleep. Me in his arms and his face touching the top on my head, my finger drawing figure eights on his waist.


I was woken up by Harry's phone ringing, I pulled myself up from his arms and reached for his phone. I really didn't want to wake him, he looked so adorable in his sleep and we had a wild night last night so he would probably be exhausted. I grabbed his phone and sat back on the bed, I flipped it over and the caller ID read: Rachel <3, I was furious and answered it quickly. 
"Hello?" I asked sternly,

"Hey, is Harry there please?"! Her light voice asked,

"Um no he's not available right now sorry." I said awkwardly as I tried leaving the room as quietly as possible,

"Who is this?" her voice demanded suddenly much bitchier,

"...." come on think of a name!!!! 
"Trish, Harry's friend. He just went out to go to go shower, we're meeting my boyfriend for drinks," I lied,

"Oh thank god, I thought you were Harry's girlfriend, if she found out about Harry and I we would be screwed," she told me,

What a dumb bitch....

I told her I would tell him she called and hung up, I opened his door and got changed as quietly and as quicky as I could and packed my stuff and loaded it into my car. By the time I was finished my cheeks were friended in tears and I was trying to wipe them off but I couldn't keep up with the tears flowing from my eyes do I gave up, I opened his door to see him still sleeping, I whipped his phone at him, he screamed ow and gritted his teeth in pain when he noticed me and my tear covered cheeks, his expression changed and I ran down the stairs and out the door, I began fast walking outside down his front lawn, he came running out in boxers which he must have quickly thrown on and started running after me, I kept walking and unlocked my car from a distance, he kept calling my name and I kept ignoring him. I couldn't believe him! He grabbed my arm and turned me towards him, his lips were blue from the cold,

"What's wrong Amanda? What happened?" he seemed genuinely concerned,

"Rachel called for you," I said sternly as I retrieved my arm and walked away,
As I was stepping into my car I looked back at him, his eyes wide, a shocked yet guilty expression on his face and tears forming in his eyes, mine were already streaming down my cheeks, I got in my car and drove off, and I kept driving and driving until I felt I was far away enough that I had almost no gas, I had 3/4 of a tank.. And now I was almost empty, I filled up my car at the closest gas station and stopped at the nearest hotel. I climbed into the soft bed and thought about pretty much everything...

My house burned down... My boyfriend cheated on me..... I'm lost.....
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