The Perfect Match

Janie and Amanda have been best friends for as long as they can remember, Janie is the biggest directioner out there, Amanada could care less but, when they meet them accidentally one night in a coffee shop, everyone gets a buzz, and not just from the coffee.


2. What About You?

Amanda's POV:
"Amanda come on!!" Janie yelled from downstairs, her favorite band, one direction was on tv and she wanted me to watch it with her,
My life is pretty simple and average, I live with my lifelong bestfriend Janie in a flat in London, I'm in a punk rock band, I sing and play bass, I love shopping and music, just like any other girl, not very interesting, my millionaire grandmother just passed and left me her fortune so my friend Janie and I hopped on a plane from San Francisco to London and we plan on finding jobs once our fortune is spent but we are very tactical with our fortune and don't spend much money, only on some clothes and necessities, so yeah, pretty normal..

I slowly walked downstairs to a furious Janie, 
"You missed Alan introducing them!!" she yelled,
I faked a shocked look and ran downstairs to watch the television with her, I made popcorn and watched as one direction and Alan Carr danced across the screen, Janie was dying of laughter, I also died at her laughter, it was a fun night.
The one thing Janie and I love doing the most though was go for walks, we lived pretty much in the city so lots of cute little shops were in walking distance. 
It was 2 am and we walked over to a twenty four hour coffee shop that sold the best hot chocolate, it was late November so it was pretty chilly, the wind was strong so my waist length blue black hair kept blowing all over the place, Janie had her hair in a ponytail with her bangs pulled back with a headband so she wasn't worried, we stepped into the coffee shop and we were the only ones in there, we sat in the middle of the shop at a table meant for many more people, there were six extra chairs, Janie sat with her back to the door and I sat across from her facing the door, I slipped of my gray pea coat and hung it on the back of my chair, Janie did the same thing with her bench windbreaker. The waiter came over and asked us what we would like, as Janie was ordering I noticed five familiar boys walk into the shop.. I recognized them but I didn't know from where, the taller one with curly hair met my gaze and gave me a slight smile,
"Amanda???" Janie impatiently demanded,
"Sorry, what?" I asked, clicking back to reality,
"Your order miss?" the young waiter asked,
"One medium hot chocolate with no whipped cream, a hazelnut flavor shot and extra marshmallows, please," If was what I normally ordered when we came here,
I noticed the boys that walked in looking over at Janie and I so I quickly started up conversation with Janie,
"So, meet anyone lately?" I asked, really not knowing what else to say, the boys were distracting me with their glances they kept making at us,
"Not really.. But I-" she was cut off by the five boys walking over to our table, her jaw dropped mine stayed exactly were it was.
"These seats taken?" The blue eyed brown haired one asked,
"No!! Not at all!!" Janie said, trying to control her excitement,
Now I realize who they are, they're that boyband she likes. What were they called again...? Oh yeah, one direction, only the hottest boy band around.
I knew their names but matching them to the faces I would not be so lucky,
They all decided we should introduce ourselves and say a bit about ourselves, as they sat down, the curly haired one sitting next to me, maybe a bit too close for comfort, the blonde one that I knew Janie was obsessed with sat beside her, she looked like she was about to pass out, I looked into her sea blue eyes and she stared back into my gray ones with excitement, I grinned at her, then the blonde haired one spoke up,
"I'm Niall, I'm 19 and I'm from Mullingar in Ireland," he said confidently, 
Then Janie spoke,
"I'm Janie I'm 18 and I'm from San Francisco in America," 
They all proceeded around the table going clockwise,
"I'm Zayn I'm 19 and I'm from Bradford,"
"I'm Liam, I'm from Wolverhampton, and I'm 19,"
"I'm Harry, I'm 18 and I'm from Holmes Chapel" his deep voice was hot I have to admit...
Then it was my turn,
"I'm Amanda, I'm 19 and I'm from the same place as Janie,"
And finally,
"I'm Louis, I'm 20 and I'm from Doncaster,"
I sipped my hot chocolate and Janie spoke,
"Don't let this sound weird, but this is surreal, I totally love you guys!" she said, the excitement and nervousness battling it out in her voice.
"Don't worry, it's not weird, it's nice. Thank you." Louis said calmly,
"What about you?" Harry asked me in his amazing deep voice,
"Not so much sorry, I like a very different type of music... Sorry," I said guiltily,
"No worries, I bet we wouldn't like out music very much either if it wasn't us singing it..." Niall said cheerfully,
It was getting really late and I was really tired and we still had to walk back, we talked with them for a  little longer and they were really nice guys, and I must admit Harry was adorable.. Wait, did I have a thing for him? Damnit, I slowly pushed my chair back and everyone looked at me,
"Look, it was really nice meeting you guys but it's really late and we still have to walk back to our flat..." I said apologetically. 
"Would you like a ride?" Liam offered,
I was about to decline his offer when Janie realized what I was about to do and spoke up,
"Sure, we'd love one!" She said with excitement,
And we all stood and left the coffee shop,
There were five different cars, Harry opened his door for me and I stepped in with a smile, as did Niall for Janie but she was more than just smiling.
Harry closed the door, I buckled in and Harry and I drove off to mine and Janie's flat.
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