The Perfect Match

Janie and Amanda have been best friends for as long as they can remember, Janie is the biggest directioner out there, Amanada could care less but, when they meet them accidentally one night in a coffee shop, everyone gets a buzz, and not just from the coffee.


5. We Were On The Same Page

Janie's P.O.V:
"Hey babe lets do it" said Niall jokingly, I bit my lip, my nervous habit. I was with Niall Horan, he thought it was adorable.
I thought I'd let him explore maybe more than a little....
He hand slowly went down my back to my ass as he pulled me close into his body, he kissed me, first on my lips, then on the cheek, then on the neck, he kept getting lower until he reached my breasts, I couldn't help but moan "You have to buy me dinner first". He looked up jokingly and winked, " You know I really do like you right?"
"I do" I replied
"We'll we're going to make this last"
I felt glorious, and he was touching my breast.
We made out all night, slowly our tongues exploring, Niall's gum tasting amazing, peppermint.
Suddenly, we heard a joke in the next room it was Amanda talking about her monstrous chest again! She doesn't let that go, ever.  We laughed and snuggled. A night to remember. I guess for once, more like the first time in our lives, even though Amanda probably didn't realize it we were on the same page.
Oh crap "I'm thirsty, you want something to drink?" I asked Niall sweetly,
"Water, thanks"
I walked out the same time as Harry walked out naked. " How you doin" was all he asked, he was so toned, and muscular. I was stunned and in shock. So shocked that I tripped over Zayn's body, landing with my ass right in Liam's face.
He awoke in a hurry, and being so embarrassed I got up as fast as I fell. "If you wanted to talk to me, all you had to do was ask, not give me a concussion!" he said half asleep. My face was hot, and by that time the whole flat was awake, except for Louis, he could sleep through anything.
Amanda came out in her bra and underwear, she laughed quietly and rolled her eyes, and then Niall, my crash was louder than I had thought.
I laughed shyly, grabbed the waters, apologized, grabbed Niall, spun him around and pulled him in the room. He laughed and kissed me "You know I really do like you"
"Yes, I think that I've heard that before" he laughed, we forgot about our waters, he kissed me again, passionately and we fell on the bed onto each other. The next thing I knew it was morning.
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