The Perfect Match

Janie and Amanda have been best friends for as long as they can remember, Janie is the biggest directioner out there, Amanada could care less but, when they meet them accidentally one night in a coffee shop, everyone gets a buzz, and not just from the coffee.


8. Please Believe Me

Amanda's POV: I couldn't look at her as we left the bathroom, I mean her virginity in a bathroom?? With a guy she just met?? I was disappointed to say the least, we sat back down and Harry was smiling like an idiot, I didn't know why..

"What's going on?" I asked him sternly,

"Did you see there faces?" he grinned as he held back laughter, you could hear it in his voice,

"I guess it was kind of funny," I responded, thinking of Janie's embarrassment,

Harry looked down at me like he was about to say something but got distracted, he looked at my chest, more like stared, he was in a different world until Louis coughed and Harry snapped out of his trance, I just pretended to be looking at something else, 

We finished quickly and left, as we were leaving we were crowded by fans and paparazzi, they all screamed,

"Who are those girls?"
"Whose that?" 
"Is that your girlfriend Harry?"

Harry put his arm around my and pulled me close to shield me from the chaos that was going on around us, Niall did the same to Janie and we all left to head back to our place. Harry's hand was on my inner thigh the whole ride home, it was great.
We got back to our place and Harry and I walked upstairs, we got there quicker than everyone else because they stopped to grab stuff for dinner, Harry and I could care less what we ate, we just wanted to get back and because Harry was speeding beyond belief.
We got to my room and immediately started making out, his hands explored my body as did mine to his, I held him in my hands and it gave him extreme pleasure, he moaned as my grip on him tightened, we continue these fashions with our hands until we heard the front door open, then we grinned and ran downstairs. 
All eyes were on us, they all grinned at us, assuming we had sex, ahh what the fuck, let's let them think what they will, Eleanor and Louis decided they would make dinner, it took them a while but they finally decided on fettuccine and they would put red sauce in one pot and alfredo in the other after much arguing on which sauce to use. Harry stayed by my side all night, it was really sweet, we watched movies and just hung out, I feel like a got to know him better, then it was time for dinner, the conversation was great and everyone was having a great time, Harry and I were beside eachother and his hand was in mine, zayns girlfriend Perrie decided to join us and her and I really hit it off, I mean we got on great. She was really nice.

"So you're in a band?" she asked me sweetly,

"Yeah with some friends, we toured around a bit once but we haven't really seen eachother since I moved here," I told her,

"That's cool, not the fact that you haven't seen eachother but that you did it with friends, it's much better that way," she responded,

"Yeah, you're right," I smiled and finished my dinner, I gathered everyone's plates and put them in the dishwasher, after dinner Harry led me up to my room for some private time, I wasn't really feeling it though, I was really full from dinner and wanted to spend time with everyone else, I mean we made out for a while and my shirt came off but that was it.
We went downstairs to see everyone else, we took out a bunch of beer and everyone had a can or two. Unfortunately around midnight the boys had to go because they had an early day of recording tomorrow.  I gave Harry a long kiss goodnight an a right hug, he told me he would call me when he was down tomorrow. Janie and Niall also kissed goodbye, were they official yet?
I went to the bathroom and put my hair up and came back to an angry Janie.

"Whats wrong J?" I asked her curiously,

"I can't believe you," she said quietly,

"What did I do?" I asked,

"It's what you didn't do, you walked in on me losing my virginity and all you did was laugh it off with Harry, do you have any idea how embarrassed I was? God, I mean ever since you met Harry you've just been such a bitch, I hate Harry, I mean how long have you known him? Two days and you're letting him in, he's just going to hurt you, he doesn't care about you! He never has!!" she yelled, then looked behind me with a shocked expression,

I turned to see Harry standing there, I looked at Janie then him, she looked sad an he looked hurt,

"Harry.. I didn't mean it.." Janie said apologetically,

"I really don't want to hear it.." he said as he walked over to the table and picked up his phone, waving it showing that he forgot it, then walking out, I followed him,

"Harry.... Harry... Harry!" I continued to say as he ignored me, finally he spun around,

"Can you just leave me alone?" he said angrily

"Harry what did I do?" I asked, I had no idea,

"You believed her, you fucking believed what she was saying about me!" he yelled,

"Harry I swear I didn't!! I love you so much!!! Please believe me!" I tried explaining,

"You love me?" he questioned,

"Yes! Of course I do!" I cried,

"I love you too Amanda," he said quietly,

I rushed into his arms and hugged him tightly, I kissed passionately and sent him off, he promised to call so it was ok,

I walked back into a tearful Janie, she felt awful

"I'm sorry about what I said Amanda, I didn't mean it! I was just angry" she cried,

I slowly walked over to her and hugged her tightly, 

"It's ok J, best friends forever right? No matter what." I told her

"and Harry forgave me and told me he loved me" I told her,

She squealed and we spent the whole night talking about our new boyfriends and everything we've done, it was great to be close again.
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