The Perfect Match

Janie and Amanda have been best friends for as long as they can remember, Janie is the biggest directioner out there, Amanada could care less but, when they meet them accidentally one night in a coffee shop, everyone gets a buzz, and not just from the coffee.


4. Naked And Covered In Snow

Amanda's POV:
I felt all of their eyes turn to me, knowing I would be the one they would have to convince,
"So...." Harry muttered,
"So?" I responded,
"Can we stay here until this clears up?" he asked full heartedly,
"I guess, I mean I would t expect to let you guys drive home in that, considering you can't even leave the front door.." I told them,
"Thing is.. We only have one spare bed and a pull out couch.." I explained,
"We could share those," Louis said,
So we decided, two in the spare bed, one on the couch and two sharing a bed with either Janie or I.. I was kind of hoping Harry would volunteer, but he said nothing, 
"So who is sharing with me?" Janie asked,
"I guess I will," Niall said calmly, trying to play it cool and act like he wasn't stoked,
"and me?" I asked the remaining four band members, 
"I will!" Harry jumped at the offer,

A little while later we were sitting in a circle passing around some pretty hard liquor, I was getting kinda tipsy, Harry was beside me (obviously) and he had his hand resting high on my inner thigh, it kept getting higher, to the point where her could penetrate at any moment, Niall had his arm wrapped around Janie's waist and was holding her close, pressing fingers into her lower stomach, right at the button of her jeans, you could tell everyone was drunk especially Niall who had drank most of the previous bottle, Louis came running in with another bottle yelling "Truth or dare!!!"
We all groaned but agreed,
Louis started,
"Harry! Truth or dare?" he asked bubbly,
Harry grinned and responded,
"Ok! I dare you to..." 
"Take your clothes off! Except your boxers, that's weird.." he laughed
So Harry did it, he took off all of his clothes and I found it difficult to control myself, he was so muscular and so defined!! It was amazing, I wanted to just feel his chest and his stomach but I held my hands in place, Harry sat there for a minute before feeling how cold it was and the malicious ways of Louis' dare.
Harry shivered and wrapped his arms around me and somehow his legs as well... It was Harry's turn now... He looked at Niall and grinned
"Nialler, truth or dare?" 
"Dare, obviously!" here we go,
" I dare you to seduce Janie!" he yelled,
It wouldn't be that hard, Janie was head over heels for him and there is no way in hell she would turn down an opportunity to be closer to him.
Niall moved in close, burying his face in Janie's ginger curls while slowing kissing up her neck, Janie accidentally let out a very high moan, almost a squeak, she was under his spell, he led his face down to her collarbone and placed small kisses across them, reaching the midpoint between each of her breasts he kissed hard on the point and an even louder moan came from poor Janie, he left a hickie and stared into her eyes, she leaned in and he pulled away,
"Done," he announced, everyone's jaws dropping,
Janie looked disappointed, and I felt bad for her, after a few more turns Zayn ended up naked covered in snow and I ended up just in my bra and tights and my monstrous chest hanging out in front of five drunk horny teenage boys... Great... We all went to our respected sleeping arrangements and I heard Harry click the door shut behind me, I turned to him, he hesitantly handed me my shirt, I kissed his still bare chest leading up to his jaw line, a moan escaped from his lips, he was clearly a virgin, I had done it once before, a very drunk and regretted night that was, he put his hands on my waist and pulled my close, I could feel him hardening in his pants, but no matter how drunk I was I was not having sex with someone I just met, especially someone who has been able to break through my shell so fast, I can't just open myself up to someone like that, I mean sure I really like Harry but I just didn't want to rush things, we kissed, slowly and passionately and our tongues explored each others mouths, Harry's hands found their way to my chest and I let them explore,
"Holy shit," he muttered,
His hands weren't big enough to grab all of them at once, it was kind of funny actually,
"They're massive.... Are they real..?" he questioned nervously,
I punched him playfully in the arm.
"Of course they are!!" I laughed,
He pushed me back down onto the bed and got on top of me, I pulled away and slowly explained my thoughts apologetically,
He surprisingly wasn't mad but I could tell he was disappointed,
So there it is... I decided to take things slow, Janie on the other hand was on a completely different page than I was...
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