The Perfect Match

Janie and Amanda have been best friends for as long as they can remember, Janie is the biggest directioner out there, Amanada could care less but, when they meet them accidentally one night in a coffee shop, everyone gets a buzz, and not just from the coffee.


12. I Looked At Harry

Harrys POV:

*2 weeks ago*

"Hey man, you gotta cheer up. Find a girl dance with her and maybe have a one night stand?" Niall said to me as he danced to the music drink in hand, I decided to try and scope out a chick, there was this one girl. Tall, tanned, shoulder length bleach blonde hair, great chest, not the biggest but a chest none the less and a great ass, I walked over to her and started a conversation,

"Hey, I'm Harry,"

"Yeah I know," she replied confidently which was so sexy, I gotta admit I was pretty drunk and was lonely at the time...

"You wanna go somewhere private?" I asked her,

"Yeah, sure," she replied grinning,

We walked back to the washroom and started making out eventually all of our clothes were off and we were getting really heated. She stood in front of me and pulled off her underwear, it was my first time seeing lady parts so I was pretty shocked.. She straddled my lap and kissed up my neck, we were inches away from me being inside her and finally losing my virginity when our phones rang, it was Liam and I have no clue who was calling her. We both answered our phones and the moment was lost, she entered her phone number into my iPhone and whispered in my ear before she left,

"Call me when you want to finish what we started," she whispered sexily into my ear,

I gave her my number and that was it..." 

I slowly explained this to Niall and Janie, they seemed understanding and wanted to help me. I called Amanda, no answer. Janie called Amanda, no answer. Niall called Amanda, no answer.

Amanda's POV:

That night my car was stolen, how the hell was I going to get home??? At least I figured out where I was the next morning, I checked my phone at around 8 in the morning... "54 missed calls from Harry, 37 from Janie, and in the 20's from the rest of the boys. My phone rang at around 4 in the evening and I had just been sitting and thinking all day, the caller ID said Liam, I answered.

"Hello...?" I muttered,

"Amanda!!" he yelled in joy,

"Liam!" I yelled emotionlessly,

"Where are you? I have- We! Have been so worried!" he explained,
"I'm up just past Maryport..." I explain softly and guiltily,

"Holy shit Amanda! How did you get up there?" he yelled,

"Look I'm sorry, I'm tired and lost and my car was stolen..." I cried into the phone,

"Look I just mapped out a route on my iPhone I can be there in just under six hours?" he explains,

"Thank you so much Liam," I cried,

"It's ok, sit tight," he said comfortingly and hung up,

*One Hour Later*

Nothing on tv... Nothing.... Nothing to watch... What to do to pass the time.. Noooo good shows... I wonder what shows Li-.. Nevermind... 

*One Hour Later*

Damn angry birds... Kill the pigs!! Come on that should have been three stars... Come on little birdys. I wonder if Liam's good at this.... Damn pigs..... 

*One Hour Later*

Pacing.... Pacing....Liam... Pacing.... Pacing...

*One Hour Later*

Paint my nails all nice and pretty... Make em look good for Li-.... Make em look good..... Ooh... Purple...

*One Hour Later*

Napping.... I'm kind of cold... I wish Li-... I wish I had someone to make me warm...

*One Hour Later*

Ooh... Movie... American Pie... I wonder if Li-... Holy shit I have to stop think about him... He just so hot.... And sweet and funny and kind and-.... I slapped myself.. Stop thinking about it.... Watch the damn movie....

*One Hour Later*

He should be here by now... Shouldn't he be here...? Where is he.? He promised! He should be here... I need him... Wait no I don't! Yeah I kind of do I need a ride... I guess I kind of need him...

A few minutes later there's a knock at my door, I texted him the details an hour ago...

I opened it and he rushed in, embracing me in a tight but glorious hug, it felt so nice... What about Harry? What about the asshole he cheated! I don't know that yet.. It's pretty obvious..

"I'm so sorry, it took me a while to make an excuse and getting working to leave Harry's flat and traffic was awful, I'm so sorry I took so long," he explained feeling guilty,

"Liam its really ok I'm just glad YOU came and that you're here now," I squeezed him tightly and buried my face in his chest,

"You ready to go?" he asked,

"Yeah.. Some of my stuff was taken with my car though.. Some of my clothes... Some money... Luckily I keep my inheritance in a special place in my suitcase... And some of my good shoes.. I'm a wreck, I look like shit and can't even find a ride home,.." I cried,

"It's fine, you can replace that stuff. You're not a wreck, you're just having bad luck, you don't look like shit you look amazing like always. And you found me didn't you? I will always be here if and when you need me," he explained with loving eyes, I kissed his cheek and he smiled.

He took my suitcases in one hand and my hand in the other and led me to his car, we loaded the trunk with what was left of my belongings and drove towards home, by this time it was almost midnight, I called Janie,

"oh my god!!!! Amanda!! Are you ok??? Where are you??? Why have you been ignoring me??" she yelled into the phone, she sounded hurt,

"Janie listen, I'm fine and I should be home soon. I just need some time.. Please..." I said softly feeling guilty for not telling her the full truth as to where I was and who I was with, I looked at Liam and he took my hand in his, 

"Ok... Love you Mandy," she said quietly, probably not wanting Harry or anyone else to hear,

"Love you too J," I said as I hung up,

I put my head on Liam's shoulder and woke up an hour later in another hotel bed only in my bra and underwear, I looked around with no sight of Liam,

"Hello...?" I said quietly,

The bathroom door opened and out came a naked Liam, oh my god...... He was so defined... He just.. Damnit Amanda! Get a hold of yourself!!! 

"Ummmm Liam?" I said softly,

"Oh shit! Sorry Amanda! I thought you were sleeping!!" he exclaimed as he covered himself,

"It's fine, now want to explain why we're here?" I questioned,

"You were tired and I was tired and done driving I mean ten hours is too much for me all by myself," he explained,

"I was there.." I said to him,

"You were sleeping... I figured I would give you a nice bed rather than a craned and sore neck tomorrow from sleeping in my car," he said trying to sound sincere, awwww that was so sweet of him!!

"Ok, thank you. Now put some boxers on and come warm me up," I said to him, he chuckled and instead just ran under the covers,

"There can't see me," he laughed as he pulled me close,

" You're silly," I giggled as I kissed his cheek, he turned his head, his eyes stared into mine, our lips brushing eachothers lightly, he moved in for a kiss but I pulled back.. Why the hell did I do that?? I thought to myself... He frowned and moved away and rolled over. Clearly hurt by my rejection, I slid a hand down his back slowly and the back up to his shoulder, I rubbed it and perched myself on his side that was up, I kissed his muscular arm and jaw line, he pretended to be asleep, I frowned at him and rolled him onto his back. He still tried holding his eyes shut, I straddled his lap and his eyes shot open. His expression was pure shock and I bent down towards him, my almost naked chest rubbing against his, his face was pure shock.
My lips met his and I kissed him passionately, our tongues dancing in eachothers mouths, I probably would have felt twenty times worse if Harry hadn't have cheated but this was incredible and I didn't plan on stopping any time soon.
The fact that Liam was already incredibly hard and ready to blow told me he was a virgin, I kissed down his chest and he moaned, and you can tell what happened next, we had sex, it was amazing. It was better than Harry's it was better than any, he was much bigger too, it just felt so good and so right and after a long time of thrusting we finished and lied next to eachother. He wrapped his arms around me and it felt great.

The next morning it was storming like crazy! Trees were falling over and we could barely walk around without getting knocked over and soaked, we went for breakfast which was so sweet of him and, I felt like such a slut I mean Harry and I never broke up and here I was driving home with Liam our hands intertwined and me loving it. I loved Harry so much though, I didn't know what to do. I needed Janie, I needed her words of wisdom, her comforting voice. We were four hours away from home and Liam's car broke down and our phones died, Harry was probably going crazy. I felt bad about what I did but at the time it felt so right, Liam seemed like he genuinely cared about me and I think I cared for him too. I loved Harry though, but he betrayed me, he cheated with some girl who was probably ten times prettier than me and did whatever he told her, I was done with him and his cheating ways. Now I had Liam who would never cheat on me or lie to me.

We sent the car to the mechanics and they said it would take about a day to repair so we were forced to stay in a hotel again.

Liam and I ran hand in hand towards the downtown area where hotels were and he led me to a five star grand hotel type place. I stopped in front of the doors and Liam turned to me, 

"What's wrong babe?" he asked me,

"This place is too expensive Liam.." I said trying to walk over to a cheap motel,

"It's fine, come with me Amanda.." he pulled me into the marvelous hotel,

"Fine but only a cheap one bed room.." I said sternly,

We walked hand in hand to the front desk,

"One master penthouse suite please," he asked the front desk worker,
I scoffed at his words an scowled at him, he just grinned like an idiot

We got in the elevator and were close to the penthouse when the storm caused the power to go out, it went pitch black and I let out a scream, shit that was embarrassing.
I felt Liam's arms wrap around me, I turned and my lips met his and we started making out, his hands undid the buttons on my pants and he pulled them down along with my undies, I did the same to him and wrapped me legs around his waist, he leaned against the wall and we started to have sex in the elevator, the power came back on which means the cameras came back on, we stood still until it came to our floor and he carried me, still inside of me to our rooms and slammed the door, we had sex and this time it was better, more spontaneous and passionate. I think I was starting to actually love him.. I couldn't get Harry out of the back of my mind though...

We had great sex that night, we woke up the next morning with smiles on our faces the storm had gone so we quickly grabbed breakfast in the hotel and ran to the repair shop, they were finished with Liam's car and we started to head home, Liam took my hand as we drove,

"So what are you going to do about Harry?" he asked nervously,

"I don't know I mean after everything that's happened with us and how he cheated on me I don't think I could ever forgive him for that,"

Liam looked at me with an uneasy look then focused on the road ahead, it made me nervous.

We reached Harry's flat and walked in, not realizing we were hand in hand. We stepped in and everyone was there, Zayn, Louis, Harry, Niall, Janie, Eleanor, and Perrie. We walked in and all their eyes were on us, their eyes grew wide when they noticed our hands, I quickly pulled mine away. I looked at Harry and saw tears fall from his eyes.
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