The Perfect Match

Janie and Amanda have been best friends for as long as they can remember, Janie is the biggest directioner out there, Amanada could care less but, when they meet them accidentally one night in a coffee shop, everyone gets a buzz, and not just from the coffee.


3. I Knew It was Right

'Janie's P.O.V-
It was a blur. A surreal blur. The coffee shop, the ride home, OMG the ride home. I got into the car with Niall, my red hair gently swaying into the wind, when I caught his gaze and tripped into the car. I couldn't even do up the seatbelt, my palms were so sweaty. Niall with his super sweet sly smile and shining blue eyes, leaned into me.... My heart sped up even faster...and... He said "do you need some help with that?" and did up my seatbelt. I could smell his intense Calvin Klein perfume dangling in the air, his neck gently brushing off of mine.
"So you know I have a thing for gingers?right?" he said playfully
"Well coincidently I have a thing for dark haired guys who bleach their hair!" He laughed quietly.
We talked about anything and everything, he referenced Nando's "The best place in to world", and I referenced "Dunkin Donuts". I had to tell him with much hesitation, the words hanging in my mouth, "This is my stop, and I have to go..."

He stopped the car, and got out, I went to get out, but he told me to stay. I lost my breath when he opened the door for me, I got out, and he kissed me hard on the cheek as I gave him a hug, his body radiated with heat, contrasting to my pale and cold body.

"Do you want to come in for awhile? All of you?!"
"Yeah, for awhile, we'd love to"
He didn't even have to ask the boys, they were in.

As for Amanda's ride in Harry's car well... Lets just say she can be good at keeping intimate things private.

I drop my keys at the door, feeling a hot wave of embarrassment run over me, quickly picking up the keys I open the door just before anyone could notice. I walk up the stairs with Amanda, and the boys behind me. Directly behind me was Niall, and I could feel the intensity of this gaze towards my ass, but he was so respective, and horny. What nineteen year old boy isn't.

We got upstairs, all snuggling into each other on the couch.
"Anyone want anything to drink?" Amanda and I offered,
"Beer" replied all the guys including Niall.

I brought out a case and casually set it out for us. Sat on Niall's lap, and fit my neck perfectly into his, shockingly Amanda did the same to Harry. Just for fun because Louis and Zayn felt lonely they snuggled tightly into each other, giving us playful glances. We all had a good laugh. Liam sat on the edge of the couch by himself, laughing, and saying he likes being single.

After an hour of watching the comedy channel, and laughing our heads off, Niall smoothly grabbed my hand, as our fingers interlocked I felt a tingling chill fill me body, but I knew it was right. Until, Liam and Zayn said that they should be going, spoiling the moment!

"When can I see you again, gorgeous?" Was the first words out of Harry's mouth to Amanda
"In your dreams" she said while winking, and right then I knew had broke through her punk rock shell of steel. Amanda and I were like that,
we could sense each other, thats why we were best friends, and could stand sharing an apartment. They had already exchanged numbers.

Niall looking straight into my eyes " and when can I see you again lovely?" I swear he was looking straight into me, I can't remember the last time I've felt like that, probably because I haven't. "Anytime you want" as I gave him my cell number. Hoping someday it would be a late night call.

Liam opened the door to three feet of snow blocking their off path, looking to the roads, they were slicked with ice.
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