The Perfect Match

Janie and Amanda have been best friends for as long as they can remember, Janie is the biggest directioner out there, Amanada could care less but, when they meet them accidentally one night in a coffee shop, everyone gets a buzz, and not just from the coffee.


6. Have you seen his-

Amanda's POV: I sat at the kitchen table eating my breakfast slowly, Janie sat down grinning at me, none of the boys had decided to wake up yet so we had some time to talk,

"What the fuck is it Janie?" I said, clearly frustrated,

"Nothing," she smiles guiltily, then I clued in,

"I didn't sleep with him," I told her flat out,

"Sure you didn't.." she chuckled,

"We did stuff, yeah.. But I didn't have sex with him Janie." I tried to explain,

"Then why was he naked?" she questioned harshly, she thought I was lying to her,

"Because he enjoys it and honestly I didn't have a problem with it, I mean did you see his-" I cut off my words as quickly as I could as Harry walked into the kitchen, luckily with at least sweatpants on and placed a light kiss on the top of my head, he was all smiled this morning, I don't know why though.. I mean he didn't get any last night,
I looked at Janie who looked at me like she was generally happy for me, and I'm glad, she knows how rough it has been for me recently so it came as a surprise to both of us when I let Harry in so quickly,

Harry poured a bowl of cereal and as he was walked over he said outloud,

"I have seen it, it's pretty great isn't it?" he grinned, Janie nearly chocked on her oatmeal as she coughed it back up at his remark, it got in my hair but I was too embarrassed to care, I laughed in embarrassment and covered my face with my hands, knowing it was beet red.

"It's ok love, don't need to be embarrassed.. I was kidding, I'm glad you like what you see because honestly, I really like you Amanda." he said softly, Janie's eyes darted towards me at his words, I turned to him and kissed him passionately on the lips, we deepened the kiss and slowly let our tongues explore eachothers mouths, we could hear Janie get up and leave but we didn't pay attention, I got on his lap and we made out for quite a while, his hands exploring at their desire and me letting them, it was amazing and we were in our own world until we heard a cough from the kitchen doorway, Liam stood there, laughing to himself as he looked at our shocked and embarrassed faces, I got off Harry's lap and proceeded upstairs to wash the oatmeal out of my hair, I took off my tshirt and pajama shorts and walked into my bathroom, I removed my bra, unfortunately that was before I noticed Harry enter the room and stand behind me looking at my front in the mirror.
I turned to him and covered myself, truly embarrassed.

He laughed and removed my arms from blocking my chest, he felt my chest, calmly and softly, he knew what he was doing and I let him do whatever he wanted, I was drunk on my lust for him and I couldn't control myself. But my conscience spoke up in my head,
"You've only known him for like a day! Don't do this again!" my conscience was right, I had to stop.. But I didn't want to! I wanted him in me and for us to share the passion that came with sex, but I pulled back. I told him my past and he understood, he kisses my lips softly and kissed down to my breasts, planting one light kiss on each then leaving, I was weak in the knees as I removed my underwear and entered the shower. 
after my shower I decided to put on some of my less comfy clothes, I put on white skinny jeans, a tight ruffled gray tank top and a push up bra that made my chest look great, hoping to gain some of Harry's attention while we all went out today, and some charcoal colored lace up combat boots, I put my hair up in a high ponytail so it was almost elbow length and combed out my thick box bangs and pulled a few longer pieces of bangs to the sides of my face, I looked cute! I applied some dark eye makeup and a peach lipgloss and pranced downstairs,
As I went downstairs I saw the boys sitting waiting for me to go on the couch, they saw me and all of their eyes glazed over, did I really look that good? I slipped on my leather jacket and motioned everyone outside as I opened the door and stepped out to only half a foot of snow, I still didn't feel so great about driving on the icy roads but I think we would be alright, Harry opened his door for me and kissed my lips softly as I went to step into his car, Janie of course went with Niall and the rest of the boys in their own cars,  I wonder if Janie and Niall were official yet? Hell, I didn't even know if Harry and I were... We all drove carefully and finally arrived at a nice sandwich shop on a corner,
We sat down at a rectangular table and I sat next to Harry of course, Janie was on my right and Niall was to her right, Louis called his girlfriend Eleanor to come join us and she sat across from me with Louis on her left, Liam on his left and Zayn on his left. We all waited for our waiter to take our orders and got to talk a little,

"So how long have you and Louis been together?" I asked Eleanor happily,

"A year and a few months!" she responded, smiling ear to ear,

"That's so great, I'd love to be in a long relationship like that, just the amount of love seems phenomenal," I said to her,

"It really is amazing, I feel like I learn something new about him with everyday we spend together," she said as she kissed his lips tenderly and held his hand,
Harry's hand traveled under the table to my inner thigh, he looked at me in deep thought, clearly contemplating something serious,

"What's wrong Harry?" I asked him quietly,

"Nothing," he smiled,

"It had to be something, what's up?" I asked full heartedly,

"Ok.. Can I ask you something?" he said nervously,

"Anything," I responded  smiling,

"Would you like to go out with me..? I mean we don't have to.. We could just be friends.. But I really-"

I silenced him with a deep and passionate kiss, we both smiled during our kiss with both of our eyes closed, we heard ooohs from our friends sitting at the table with us and we pulled away from eachother, both smiling like mad men,

"So that's a yes?" he laughed,

I nodded and grinned as my hand travelled down his chest and stomach and found its target in my hand, his eyes grew wide and I just smiled at everyone and acted like nothing was happening under the table, Janie and Niall were whispering to eachother and Janie slowly rose and excused herself to the washroom, a few minutes later Niall followed.. Wonder what's going on in the washroom, five minutes later I went to go check it out and walked in on something I would never have expected....
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