The Perfect Match

Janie and Amanda have been best friends for as long as they can remember, Janie is the biggest directioner out there, Amanada could care less but, when they meet them accidentally one night in a coffee shop, everyone gets a buzz, and not just from the coffee.


7. Classier

Janie's POV:

We were in the men's bathroom, when Amanda walked in. We stopped dead in our tracks, stupidly the first thoughts that ran through my head were "What the frigging HECK! What is Amanda doing in the guys bathroom?!" And then I thought "Thank god we weren't in the girls bathroom and Eleanor didn't walk in or the manager."

*****5 minutes earlier******

We found the nearest bathroom we could, Niall and I. We just couldn't help it and couldn't wait, it just happened to be the men's bathroom, not one with stalls, an average one toilet bathroom with a lock, the only problem was we were so into it neither of us locked the door.
" hmmmm" Niall quietly moaned as he took off my shirt revealing my breasts, he looked pleased, seeing me in my red lace bra. He ran his fingers through my bright red hair, his eyes gleaming. We wanted to go slow, to make it last. "Now it's my turn" I said, as I gladly ripped off his shirt. His muscular chest made me weak, his pale yet muscular chest.
I took off his pants, he went to get mine but the belt got stuck, I quickly and gladly undid it myself.... Last was the underwear.... And you can just about guess what happened from there...It was great but  if I had to do it again I would've controlled myself a little bit better, to make it a bit more classy, and not in a strange bathroom, this would still be something Niall and I would remember.

It was getting steamy, he kissed all around my neck hitting all the right spots making me moan slightly, each time. He grabbed my hand, and up against the wall I was, then the toilet, and then on the sink. I don't know how we both managed to stay quiet enough to raise suspicion from anyone, except Amanda wondering "why the heck are they taking so long? "

Damn Irish boys are good, and strong. I could feel his muscular body push up and down against me, his hands holding me firmly. I felt a sense of euphoria rush all over my body, it wasn't quick, it was passionate. I wanted to stay in his arms for as long as possible. We looked at each other, smiled and kissed passionately, over and over, not sloppily, it was romantic,  as romantic as a men's bathroom would allow. That's when Amanda walked in on us stark naked, me practically on the sink. Behind her stood Harry eyes wide open. At first we didn't see her, with the door wide open. He pulled out. And there's me "Amanda What the-" her mouth was wide open and so was Niall's.... Harry still stood there half stunned, he took a quick glance at me, and I quickly covered myself, he closed his eyes. I quickly closed the door right in there face, not rudely, just so my naked body wouldn't be exposed to the world, or Niall's. He laughed a little.. and well I was just traumatized. Next time it would classier, not a bathroom, even though this bathroom was unusually clean. Niall didn't even care, he held me close in his arms, before he said "I think we should get going".

We walked out, calmly acting as if nothing had happened. We found Amanda and Harry, she wouldn't look at me much, and I didn't know why, Harry on the other hand was all smiles. We held hands under the table, finished our teas, and left.
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