The Perfect Match

Janie and Amanda have been best friends for as long as they can remember, Janie is the biggest directioner out there, Amanada could care less but, when they meet them accidentally one night in a coffee shop, everyone gets a buzz, and not just from the coffee.


16. Calling all Readers!!!

Hey everyone! I've come to the conclusion that I can't write this on my own, so. If you would like to co-write with me, email me at It would be a great help an you could get involved in a great story, just send me your name and become a fan of me and I will select someone to help me write. Please just take the few seconds to send the email, I really enjoy this story and want to continue it so please send me an email and help me finish it. Thanks to everyone that does I really do appreciate it and to those of you that don't... That makes me sad :( I really want to get to know some of you and what better way to do that than write together ^_^ do thanks everyone!! And pleeeease email me!!!

-ThePopsangria xX
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