The Perfect Match

Janie and Amanda have been best friends for as long as they can remember, Janie is the biggest directioner out there, Amanada could care less but, when they meet them accidentally one night in a coffee shop, everyone gets a buzz, and not just from the coffee.


9. A Total B****

I don't know what came over me, Amanda letting Harry in so quickly, Amanda and Harry walking in on Niall and I, that I did it in a bathroom or the fact that Harry was laughing. I felt like a total bitch and I had to apologize to Harry.

"Amanda I'm sorry, sometimes I don't know how to act, I just don't want to loose you as my best friend, and I do agree you and Harry are a good couple, I was embarrassed today. But, I honestly don't know, I really love Niall right now, and I could care less if it was in a bathroom, as long as it was with him. I haven't known him that long, but I've only been really able to trust him, honestly trust him, compared to my other boyfriends. I know that he's a good guy...." I sighed, that's all that I could say.

"Now that that's cleared up, let's watch a completely ridiculous and sappy movie, and talk about our amazing yet ridiculous lives cause you are my best friend, like a sister, I forgive you, and we both finally have great boyfriends! So I guess we're now even, I embarrassed you with Niall, and well... you pissed Harry off!" She laughed and so did I.

"I should call him and apologize" I said, walking over to the phone, Amanda handed me his cell number. I picked up the phone and slowly dialled with hesitation.

"Hey Amanda! I guessed it was you-"
He was cut off by me "It's Janie"
"I just wanted say I'm very sorry, your pretty awesome, and you and Amanda really deserve each other, I was just embarrassed and I over reacted. Again, I'm really sorry."
"I never doubted that you didn't like me! Apology accepted, I didn't say anything to Niall, I knew you were just letting off steam, so.... Tell Amanda I will see her tomorrow, ok?" Harry was really cool about it, I honestly now approve of him for Amanda, we were protective over each other, after all it was just us alone in the Uk.
"Will do!"
"Oh and Niall just walked in and he wants to speak to you..."
He gave the phone to Niall,
"Hey sweet cheeks, we on for tomorrow? I have a surprise."
"Yes, ok, but, I have to warn you, sometimes I don't take surprises all that well!" I said jokingly.
"Ok then see ya tomorrow?"
I not the kind of person to do the "you hang up" "no you hang up first" kind of phone conversation so we hung up at the same time.

I made a bowl of Easy Mac Kraft Dinner for Amanda and I since that was our favourite food. "It feels great to have the sweetest boyfriends doesn't it Janie?" Amanda said. I half jumped the couch landing right in the middle beside Amanda "It really does", I handed her her bowl. Amanda had some of her band's music on playing, I loved it, under my shell, I was a natural born rocker, I just had modest red hair, and a modest wardrobe. That will change though, someday. Well, maybe! Sometimes, I like being soft and sweet, with an unknown edge.

I pulled my red hair over my right shoulder, my eyes gleaming. I talked to Amanda, and we gloated to each other, that's what we do, all of the time. We talked about how we both liked, the other boy's girlfriends, and how we knew we'd get along with them. Me more with Eleanor, and Amanda more with Perrie, but they were both great. " I don't miss San Francisco at all!" I said, we both laughed for a long time. "True that" was all she said. We turned on the tv to the movie channel. What could go wrong right now?  A bit of an understatement...
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