Dark secrets

I was the clumsy one. The one that people laughed at. The one that people hated. Until I met Harry. But, I thought my life couldn't get worst,but what if Harry was hiding a dark secret that no one knew about. Not even his 4 closest friends?


8. problems.

I ran forward, dodging fans. I got right close and Harry looked up at me, "what's happening?" He mouthed and I mouthed back, "get off the stage, your wings" he looked scared and he stood up and ran.

 I somehow managed to get backstage, running to the boys dressing room. I hammered on the door, come on Harry open up! He opened the door and looked relieved when he saw it was me. His wings hadn't grown yet, but he was in so much pain. I grabbed his hand and pulled him back inside the dressing room, locking the door behind me. I could hear the boys shouts from outside the door and they were almost hammering it down. I looked at Harry, knowing that if we didnt let them in, that they would just go and get someone to open the door for them. He nodded and I unlocked the door warily. The boys crowded in, looking really worried. "Harry what the Hells wrong?" Liam yelled and Harry sat down onto the sofa, not able to stand anymore. I answered for him, "um well, there's this thing and-" Harry cut me off. "Guys, I have a real big secret. But i don't think I'm redy to tell you yet." They all looked really disapointed. I think it was because they thought that he couldn't trust him. "You'll find out soon enough" Harry whispered out of breath, groaning. "Harry?" he looked up his eyes meeting mine. "What Alex?" "When um-" I gestured to his back and mouthed 'Wings' "Yeah, it provokes the transformation." i whispered and the rest of the boys looked confused. "What the hell are you on about?" Zayn asked and I just shook my head. "You mean You?" Harry asked and I nodded, it was about to happen. To both of us. "Guys can you-" Harry shouted out in pain as his wings took shape behind his back. He knew what was happening now, we were about to find out what his power was. I hugged him when I realised that he was ok, and that he had made it. There had been a few cases when teenagers didn't make it through the transformation. I moaned as my wings grew, wincing my eyes in pain. Then, I heard the boys gasp. We had a lot of explaining to do.

"What the bloody hell?" Liam yelled, his calm voice changed into one filled with terror. "Well, its a long story." All the boys sat down and we began explaining.


After about half an hour, the boys knew our story. Yes, it was alot to process, but they were gonna have to deal. "So, your telling me that one of my best friends isn't human?" Niall asked and I nodded, knowing he was refering to Harry. "Guys, can we have so alone time, I need to talk to Alex." The rest of the band nodded and walked out the door, still shocked. My wings had folded back in but Harry's wouldn't because it was the transformation.

"So. Harry, Whats your power?" I asked, i still wasn't sure. But the person who it was would know. "Well, I think it's controlling people. Persuasion?" I opened my mouth, that was a really rare and special power. "Wow, your gonna be so powerful." I whispered and his next question surprised me, "Can I try it out on you?" I nodded quite worried. Then i felt something pulling inside my mind, Harry. My head sort of clouded over, filled with a magical fog and I knew he had taken control. 'Kiss me' He ordered, not speaking out loud, but forcing me to do it. I stood up dragging him withme. Harry smirked knowing that it had worked. I crashed my lips into his, and our lips moved in sync. He nibbled my bottom lip, making my mouth slightly open and he slipped his tonge in, it explored my mouth as he slammed my back agaist the wall. Our lips not disconnecting the whole time. His hands slipped down to my waist and he pulled my closer, he was kissing me but he was still invading my mind. He pulled away, out of breath and sat back down on the sofa. "That was amazing" He whispered to me, but my mind was still foggy, he hadn't loosened the hold on my brain yet. I was worried as I didn't know what this curious teenager was going to do next. He could make me do anything, even kill myself- but I wouldn't be able to disobey. 'Use you power, show me what you can do' he ordered, so I did. I rasied my hands in front of me. I was an Elemental, I could control the Elements. I couldn't be bothered to grow my wings, so I stayed in huamn form.

I pushed my power outward, slamming a standing Harry into the wall opposite. I knew I had probably hurt him, but he had asked for it. I could feel him pulling again, ordering me to stop. As I did, I fell to the ground, my eyes fluttering closed.

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