Dark secrets

I was the clumsy one. The one that people laughed at. The one that people hated. Until I met Harry. But, I thought my life couldn't get worst,but what if Harry was hiding a dark secret that no one knew about. Not even his 4 closest friends?


4. On the news

I raced inside the house trying to avoid the mean glares of the girls a round me. I nearly reached the bottom of the stairs when a looming figure descended them. Ms. Binx. She gave me the evils. 'I think we need a talk young lady' She dragged me into her office, and gave me the talk on boys- i diddnt listen half the time, I was just thinking about Harrys beautiful green eyes and well, just him. When i was dismissed I raced to my room and turned on  my tv. It was tuned into MTV and it was time for the news. 'Harry Styles has been spotted with a mystery girl today.' Well, that was good. Not. And it was about to get a whole lot worse. Picture flashed across the screen of us kissing and of when he was hugging me when i was upset. Tears leaked from my auburn eyes as if they were wishingn that they could melt the colour out. Then the news reader began again 'Is it real love or is this just a power hungry girl trying to get a share of his fame?' And with that I picked up my phone and called him.'Hey babe' He said into then reciever. I guess he heard my crying because he didnt wait for my reply he jusk asked 'Whats wrong, Whats happened?' It took along time for me to think of what to say...'There are pictures of us this afternoon, hugging and other stuff. There saying that i could just be a power hungry girl trying toi get a share of your fame.' Then, I began shouting 'How dare the judge me when they havent even met me. Yeah, i could be that but you and i know full well that i am not. The only thing that can judge my on is that I Love You.' The last three words had been more of a whisper. I couldnt believe that I had just told him that I love him. 'I love you' the words echoed like they had been shouted through the reciever when Harry had only whispered them. 'You feel the same way?' I asked anxiously. 'Yes, I fell like ive known you and loved you forever.' Omg, he had just taken the words out of my brain into his and out of his mouth. It was such a great relief thet Harry felt the same way. I loved him. He loved me back. Nothing else mattered. Not even the two day phone ban or the week ban on watching tv. Harry broke the silence by asking, 'Meet me at the park at 9 o'clock tomorrow. Im going on tour with the band for a week and i just want to make sure we have a proper goodbye. Im going to miss you, babe' 'Im gonna miss you to' i whispered. 'I llove you' 'I love you too' Then, the line went dead.


Jess had a nightmare that night. At midnight after my talk with Harry, i felt someone tap my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see Jess standing at the side of my bed looking terrified. 'Hop in, Squirt' I said and she jumped in a cuddled me all night.

I woke up early the next morning. All I could think about was meeting Harry. I got changed and out of the house- missing breakfast. And began the short walk to the park.

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