Dark secrets

I was the clumsy one. The one that people laughed at. The one that people hated. Until I met Harry. But, I thought my life couldn't get worst,but what if Harry was hiding a dark secret that no one knew about. Not even his 4 closest friends?


10. I need to do this....


I've been in this bar for hours. It's now 3am and I still want to inflict pain. As much as I want to, I can't, I'm just not that person. Maybe, when I become Darker, I will be able to hurt people to free myself of the craving but at the moment, the only way I was going to see pain was if I inflicted it on myself.

I walked out of the bar, pushing through the sweaty crowd of people. I pushed the door open with a force that I never knew lay within me. The cold, sharp air cut through my skin as I walked further down the damp alley, further away from any signs of people. When I turned the final corner, no people could be seen or heard, so I placed my hands in front of my stomach. A dark, dense black mist swirled around me. Poisonous. I inhaled deeply, the burning sensation welcome to my throat. I almost feel my soul blackening with the darkness that engulfed me. I breathed more in, blocking my senses and the world around me. I spluttered, coughing to rid of the mist but it seemed to laugh at my distress. I had brought this upon myself. Although it was not the best feeling, it felt amazing. It was what my body wanted. As I sucked down more of the black fumes, my head felt like it was spinning but this was what I desired. Pain. I knew nothing could ever feel this good. I walked backwards, until my back hit the wall, the mist following. I breathed more and more in, just wanting to inflict pain- I needed something more, something to forfill that pain. Then, i had an idea, if I inhaled the smoke at the same time, it would be worse. Like alcohol. If you downed a whole shot, it felt worse that sipping it. I hope this worked. I breathed out one last time.

I breathed in through my mouth and nose, all of the fod disappearing into my body. It worked it's way around my insides, coating my brain making it hard to even think or control my actions, smothering my heart to make it beat slower. Squezzing- removing any happiness stored within, Blocking my throat, so I was no longer able to breathe in the oxygen that kept me alive. It was killing me. But it felt like the most amazing thing ever. My vision clouded, that last thing I remembered was Alex.



Where the hell was he? He was in the dressing room last night because we heard loads of noise, as per usual. But he was gone now. Me and the rest of the boys were huddled together, trying to protect ourselves from what unexpected thing lay looming around the corner.

As we turned down a deserted alley way, I saw something that I was not prepared for in any way. Harry. But he looked dead. We all ran towards him, only noticing the slight grey mist as we got closer to his body. I hadn't seen mist anywhere else. Maybe I had just been to focused on finding Harry that I hadn't noticed it? I knelt beside Harry's almost dead-looking body and was holding back the tears. How could this happen to our Harry? He couldn't just do this to us, ruin his dream, ruin his life! Then I realised, what if it had something to do with that magical stuff, the angel powers? I had to find Alex, to see if she could help.



I ran home crying, tears spilling from my glassed over eyes. I was sure I was falling for him, but then he was dark. There was no way that we could be together. He would want to hurt people and cause chaos, but that wasn't me. What if there was someway that I could turn dark? The words swirled aroung my head, echoing. But then I was interuppted by my phone vibrating, "Hello? Who is it?" I asked and waited for a reply. "Oh, it's Liam, Harry's in trouble!" He sounded like he was almost crying, what could be so bad? I tried to use my powers to reach out to him, but all I could find was a sort of lingering mist, I knew something had happened. And I knew it wasn't good.  


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