Dark secrets

I was the clumsy one. The one that people laughed at. The one that people hated. Until I met Harry. But, I thought my life couldn't get worst,but what if Harry was hiding a dark secret that no one knew about. Not even his 4 closest friends?


9. I don't want you to go!

Harry's POV
God, what had just happened? My back was killing me because I had just be slammed up against a wall. I know it was technically my fault, but my new powers we so strong and I felt incredibly Dark. As in, I just wanted to do bad things, ruin stuff, hurt people. Yes, it sounded bad, but it was like a craving that I just couldn't get rid of it. I needed it.
Then, I remembered Alex. Lying on the floor, she had obviously drained herself, she was definitely using a lot of power. I walked up to her and sat next to her, slightly shaking her shoulders. I needed to know whether she was light or dark. She slowly opened her eyes, her auburn eyes glistening in the bright light of the room. She looked at me, kind of scared, but then her expression changed back to normal. "God, Harry, your so powerful"; She said and i felt myself nodded. " Um, Alex, are you light or dark....?"A look of confusion crossed over her face and then she added, "i'm Light." I looked away, this just couldn't work. All I was, was the opposite of her. "Your Dark, aren't you?"she must of noticed me looking at her in that weird way, i nodded and she sighed, she knew it wasn't going to be able to work
"Harry, this can't work. i know all you want to do is hurt people and cause pain and suffering. We have to hate each other." I walked over to the wall and hit my head on the wall. Why did I have to be Dark?" Will I have to leave the band?" i asked her quietly. but she shook her head, "you should be ok"Then she just walked away, just leaving me with memories.

I didn't know how to deal with this. I wanted to be good. But my mind and body wanted the pleasure of seeing pain. I don't know what happened. My body guided me away from the O2, into a dark alley. There weren't many people there, but the ones who were, were mostly teenagers. Some girls probably feeling disappointed that I had to run off stage and the show was cancelled. Anyway, I saw a small bar at the end of the road, easily entering and being served. I downed the vodka in one and ordered a few more. There was only a few ways I believed that I could get away from my troubles and drinking was one of them.

A/N OMG!! I'm so surprised that this has go over 400 reads!!! Thank you for reading!! Hope you like it! Amber... X
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