Dark secrets

I was the clumsy one. The one that people laughed at. The one that people hated. Until I met Harry. But, I thought my life couldn't get worst,but what if Harry was hiding a dark secret that no one knew about. Not even his 4 closest friends?


2. Getting ready, bad memories

I rushed home, my feet were walking at a pace that I thought I could never reach. As I reached the sign for my home, 'Jenny Highers Care Home', I checked behind me to make sure Harry wasn't looking before sliding past the gate and through the front door. I slammed the door with its peeling paint closed and ran upstairs, trying to avoid any of the staff. When I reached my bedroom and closed the door, I could feel my phone vibrating, I was getting a call. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and checked the caller ID. Unknown number. I picked it up and asked ' Hi, who is this?' 'This is Harry' the calm voice answered back 'oh, hey Harry this is Alex' 'good' he said quietly 'I was, um, just wondering if you wanted to go out tonight?' 'Hell yeah!' I called into the receiver and he laughed with me. 'Ok, I'll pick you up in about half an hour, babe!' 'Text me' i added before we shared our goodbyes and listen to this, he called me BABE!!! I think I just got a date with Harry Styles!! I was constantly thinking about those small green orbs of mesmerising light. When Ms. Binx called us for dinner, I didn't answer, my body just seemed to take me downstairs seat me at the dinner table and make me eat. When I noticed I had only got 20 minutes left before Harry was coming, I shoved the left spaghetti in the bin and raced upstairs to get ready. What should I wear?.What Should I Wear?. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?. The thought flew round my head while I searched my closet, if anyone walked in now they would probably think I was looking for Narnia or something. Then I found it, the perfect outfit. It was denim shorts with tights underneath and a grey top with a rainbow flying across it. I shoved my purple chucks on my feet, as they were the only shoes I owned and then I snuck into the bathroom. Thank god there was no one in there, if it was one of the boys- they would take forever and the girls would take longer than forever. I reapplied my mascara and tinted my lips with a deep red gloss. I swept my hair to one side, leaving it down and brushing it to make it look better. Some of the curls just wouldn't listen so I just left them, I looked good, not to fancy but no to casual either. Then, I walked down the stairs and someone shouted-'get lost or I'll throw this juice on you. So I catapulted off the stairs, out the house and nearly onto the road. My phone buzzed and I checked to see if I had any new messages. One of Harry 'where do you live xxx' I texted back '13 Meir street, I live at the care home. Xx' those last six words were difficult to write, I didn't want Harry to know that my parents had passed away when I was eight and I... I couldn't think about it any more. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and I tried to wipe them away, but it was too late. Harry had arrived and was walking upto me. 'Whats wrong?' He questioned lightly 'I just didn't want you not to except me because I don't have a real home or real parents' I sobbed 'nothing would change the way that I think of you' he said, pulling me into an embrace. I think i could get used to this!. I thought and then giggled out loud. 'Are you ready to go now' he asked and I nodded as he led my to a grey car.
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