Dark secrets

I was the clumsy one. The one that people laughed at. The one that people hated. Until I met Harry. But, I thought my life couldn't get worst,but what if Harry was hiding a dark secret that no one knew about. Not even his 4 closest friends?


1. First meeting

Someone knocked on my door. Knock. Knock. Knock. I groaned and turned over. Then, the shouting began. 'Alex! Get up! Now!' Ms. Binx shouted from outside my door. 'Up!' She screamed, the only reason I woke up is because I couldn't bear to here that voice any more. I had spent, what? 10 years listening to that voice that commanded me and I had to obey. I tried not to once and the consequences were bad. Real bad. I jumped out of bed and hurled my dressing gown over my shoulders and fled to the bath room. My brown, curly hair was a state as usual. I got the brush and began taming the lions mane around my face. As I applied a tiny bit of mascara, my auburn eyes stared back at me. They were a weird colour, a bright ruby red with a mixture of deep plum. They were quite light in the middle and a dark ring of purple surrounded my outer irises. I looked once more in the mirror to check out my clothes for school. I was wearing black skinny jeans, a purple 'rolling stones' tee and purple chucks. I looked decent. I walked out the bathroom, trying to avoid the stares of the annoying kids, the ones that teased me. I grabbed my backpack and left the house without breakfast and without saying another word. Then, I just had to endure the walk to school, people looked at me. They thought I was weird because of where I lived and about my appearance, especially my eyes.
The first bell rang as I arrived. At least I wasn't late. I couldn't deal with another detention, if I did there would be the lecture when I got home and that could take up like half of my life span. Also I would be grounded and that meant no phone and that meant that I couldn't talk to grace and let out all of my feelings. You know the girl that sits in home room, and you know, just sits there looking out of the window and ignoring everyone else? Well, that girl was me. I had bad lessons today and couldn't be bothered to pay much attention- once this day was out, it was the holidays until after Christmas! I couldn't wait. The day slid by like a snail sliding across the sidewalk. At 3 o'clock, I grabbed my books shoved the in my bag and heaved it onto my shoulder. Then, I had to walk home. As I was walking along the side walk, I noticed a boy about my age. He had dark, curly hair and eyes that were like shining orbs if green light. Then, I realised that it was Harry Styles, from one direction. When I looked away, I caught sight of an amazing pair of sneakers in a small stores window. Then, paper was flying all around me. I had tripped. 1 single moment of clumsiness and everything was wrong. I knelt to the ground to pick up the paper when i felt a hand on mine and it was lifting me back up to stand. I brushed my fingers through my hair to move it out of my eyes and looked up. Harry stood right in front of me. His face was so handsome up close than I thought imaginable. His eyes lit up his features and a small smile crept upon his cheeks. 'Im so sorry!' I mumbled, apologising. 'Its ok,?' He replied inclining that I add my name 'Alex, I'm really sorry about this' I gestured to the mess around us. 'You already apologised for that,' he add with a slight laugh 'I'm Harry by the way' 'Nice to meet you Harry' I said and looked back to the floor. He place his hand beneath my chin and lifted my eyes to meet his. 'You have such pretty eyes' he said, not losing eye contact 'Thanks' I mumbled and he slipped a piece if paper into my empty hand. 'Bye' he said softly, as if he did not want to go and I said 'bye' in return. As I walked away I looked at the small cutting of paper in my hand. It seemed to be out of a notebook and it was tattered and torn. As i unfolded the creases, a phone number was scribbled on there in biro. There was a little message at the bottom, it said 'talk to you soon, Harry xx' OMG, I got Harry styles' phone number!!
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