Anything could happen

Stassie is a normal girl, sick and tired of her old school while she goes to another school to see if she likes it and wants to get in she bumps into this cute guy that she though she didn't knew but she did, ones she's settle in her new school things change, everyone hates her and is trying to make her like misarable but she has to wait a semestre to change school. While she's in that school she bumps into an old friend that she thought hated her but he doesn't, he was actually in love with her.

(this was actually a dream I had, I wanted to turn it into a fanfic becuase I really liked it)


22. You need to tell Zayn

It was Friday, I was laying in bed thinking about what happen with Harry yesterday..why did Alex came over? why didn't he call me? He looks for me a year later? I'm so confused.

My phone started to ring, it took me out of my was Zayn

Hey, beba - I said

Heeyyy, are you? - he asked me

I'm good, how are you? - I asked him back

I'm fine, so listen I'm calling because there's a party in Nialls house tonight and I wanted to see if you wanted to come - he said

That little shit didn't invite me, he's gonna see later - I said angry because Niall's my best friend he could've of called me

No, Stats..he called me and told me he was gonna call you but I told him, that I was just about to call you so he told me to tell you no need to get mad at him - he told me laughing 

Ok, I believe you..I'm not yeah I'll love to go, have you told Harry? Should I tell him? - I asked getting up and walking downstairs where Harry was with Cara

Yeah, Niall said he already called everyone except you and me so I think is all covered, I'll pick you up at 7? Be pretty, what am I were born pretty - he said and I blushed thank god he couldn't see me

I got to the living room and Cara and Harry were looking at me

Ok, sounds good..see you later beba - I said

See ya later, love you - he said

love you too zainnee - I said and hung up

I looked over at Harry and Cara and they were smiling at me so I smiled back and turned around to leave but Harry stopped me

Wait,not so fast - he said and I turned around

Why not? What's wrong? - I asked walking over to him

We need to talk - he said giving me "sit down" eyes

Harry, last time you said that it didn't end pretty well, remember? It was last night - I said sitting down

You need to tell Zayn what really happen - he said looking at me, is he nuts

Are you nuts, are you thinking clearly? - I said angry, Cara was with a clueless face, I guess she didn't know either. What did Harry told her? Didn't it click in her mind? Me and Alex in the hospital at the same time except I had a gun shot and he had 3 broken ribs.

Yes, I know what I'm saying, he has the right to know, you can't hide this away from him, he's your boyfriend - he said

No, Harry..I'm not telling him - I said standing up angry

Can someone please tell me what's going on here - Said Cara looking at both of us 

She doesn't know? - I asked Harry

Know what? I'm confused what's going on, what do you need to tell Zayn? - she asked me

No, I told her you got robbed going out of the bank - he said

Is this about your accident? What's the real story? - she said looking at both of us

I didn't got robbed, I got and Alex got kidnapped - I said looking down

You and Alex? Alex Pettyfer? - she asked with a shocked face

Yes, Alex Pettyfer - I said looking down again

But..why? - she asked

We were taking a walk in the park and out of nowhere Alex started panicking and told me that we needed to get out of there, we were walking to the car, I got in the car and Alex started walking to the other side to get inside but I felt something cover my mouth and the last thing I remembered was Alex screaming my name and someone pointing a gun at him and telling him to drive then I woke up and in a room with Alex asleep next to me and then it all happen so fast, he woke up and was saying I'm so sorry and crying..I was so scared, then these 2 guys opened the door and had big guns and grabbed me and Alex and took us to a big room with 10 men approx. They threw Alex in front of a guy named John that had a knife and he sat Alex in a chair and started beating him up, they made me watch everything while I was getting touched by another guy, he was kissing my neck and touching me everywhere - I said crying, Cara was crying to..Harry had a shocked face, he didn't know this, he knew I got kidnapped with Alex but didn't know the whole story. I continued...

Alex was pretty hurt, he could barely stay awake, talk or even look at the guy touching me was hurting me so I screamed and the guy called John walked over to me, grabbed me and started screaming to Alex to tell him who I was but Alex kept saying I was his sister and then all of a sudden I felt a knife in my arm making a cut and Alex said I was his girlfriend, so this guy started telling Alex stuff and he said that it was such a shame I had to see my own boyfriend die but Alex kept begging the guy to let me go, that I was only 15 and I had nothing to do here so he was gonna kill Alex and they were taking me out of the room but I told the guy I'll pay him, so he sent me and 2 man to bank to take 50,000 out and that if I tried something funny they would kill Alex - I stopped I needed air and then continued by this time Harry was crying and still had a shocked face.

So I got back with the money but he had other plans, kill us both so he said he was tired and left for a while then he came back and said it was time to have fun so he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, he covered my mouth with his hand, he was hurting me, he was kissing and touching me everywhere I just couldn't scream or do anything - Harry cut me off

Stop it, Stassie..stop it, please - he said looking at me

No, Harry you need to know this - I told him and continued

So I couldn't take it and I lifted my leg up and hit his balls, I was running away from him but that's when he shot me and I felt to the ground and he left after he left Alex came running to me and sat next to me crying and telling me that he was sorry, that that was all his fault and stuff like that, to stay awake, to not close my eyes but then I couldn't feel my body, I couldn't feel his hand touching mine, I couldn't feel anything and it was hard to talk so my eyes closed and my life flashed in front of me, then I woke up in the hospital, I thought I was dead - I said cleaning my tears when I felt Harry hugging me 

I'm so sorry you had to go through this Stassie - he said crying

Harry is not your fault - I said hugging him back

But Alex told me and Jasmine that he had gotten into a fight with a friend - said Cara

Well now you know the real story - I said looking at her 

I'm so sorry -said Cara

It's ok, but after that I haven't heard or seen Alex until my brother told me he came yesterday to talk to me - I told Cara

Wait, Alex is back? - she looked at me shocked, I didn't even knew he left 

Yes, he left? Where did he go? - I asked her

He went to Australia - she said thinking

But how do you know? - I asked her

Him and my sister had something going on before he left - she said, WHAT? Something going on? 

What do you mean they had something going on? - I asked her

Yeah, I don't know, he came to the house like a lot, they seem like they were together cuz they held hands and kissed - she said

Oh, wow - that's all I could say

Stassie, you gotta tell Zayn about this - said Harry 

No, Harry don't you get it? How am I gonna tell him this? - I said angry

Fine, if you don't tell him..I'll tell him - and with that Harry left the room with Cara and I just sat in the couch crying, I wasn't ready to tell Zayn. 



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