Anything could happen

Stassie is a normal girl, sick and tired of her old school while she goes to another school to see if she likes it and wants to get in she bumps into this cute guy that she though she didn't knew but she did, ones she's settle in her new school things change, everyone hates her and is trying to make her like misarable but she has to wait a semestre to change school. While she's in that school she bumps into an old friend that she thought hated her but he doesn't, he was actually in love with her.

(this was actually a dream I had, I wanted to turn it into a fanfic becuase I really liked it)


20. Tiime to forget

After that, I had lunch and Zayn rushed in the room

OMG, are you? I came as fast as I could - he said hugging me

I'm fine, know wrong place, wrong time - I said hugging him back

I'm so glad your ok, your brother said a guy shot you and took all your money - he said holding my hand

Yeah, it happen like that..I went to the bank to take money at and this guy approached me and took it all and then shot me - I said but then he looked at me and kissed was a slowly but a beautiful kiss, I didn't want to stop kiss him but I had to..I needed air. After that Zayn stayed with me the whole time I was in the hospital, I didn't knew about Alex..Harry went all the time to check on him and tell how he was doing. 

I was ready to leave the hospital after a week of been there, Harry signed the papers and I could leave..I was walking down to the car, Eleanor was helping me with my bag and Louis and Zayn helping me to walk, I got in the car with Zayn and I held his hand and place my head on his shoulder he turned around to kiss me. 

I got home and went to my bed to sleep.

Home sweet home - told me Zayn helping me in my room

More like home sweet bead, I missed my bed - I said laying in it

It missed you too - said Zayn laying next to me

Thank you for everything - I said hugging him

Whenever you want, Stats..I'll be here for you - He said kissing me 

I'm gonna let you sleep and I'll come by tomorrow - said Zayn standing up

No, stay, please - I said grabbing his hand

Are you sure? - he asked me

I'm positive - I said and he turned around and to lay again, hugging me. 

It's time to forget Alex. I thought.


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