Anything could happen

Stassie is a normal girl, sick and tired of her old school while she goes to another school to see if she likes it and wants to get in she bumps into this cute guy that she though she didn't knew but she did, ones she's settle in her new school things change, everyone hates her and is trying to make her like misarable but she has to wait a semestre to change school. While she's in that school she bumps into an old friend that she thought hated her but he doesn't, he was actually in love with her.

(this was actually a dream I had, I wanted to turn it into a fanfic becuase I really liked it)


26. Mom and Dad

After I went to my room I feel asleep, I woke up at around 10 pm and decided I should go downstairs to have something to eat. I got downstairs and saw Harry eating pizza, so I crabbed a plate and sat next to him to eat pizza to. 

How was your nap? - said Harry breaking the silence

Amazing, I really needed it - I said

It looked like you were enjoying it, I came in and you were snoring like a bear - he said

Heeey, I don't snore - I said punching his arm

You do, trust me - he said, we both laughed

I really miss mom and dad, now that they that business is like we never excited, we only get to see them on Christmas and New Years..not even your birthday or mine..or one of their children has to be laying in a hospital bed with a gunshot on their stomach for them to worry and go visit them - I said 

I know Stassie, but think about it this way, they are working so they can give us everything we want..and let me tell you we have a pretty good life - he said looking at me

I know, but I really wished they were here to spent sometime with us and have the family Sundays dinner we used to have, we used to enjoy them a lot and laughed a lot..I miss my talks with mom..I miss them both - I said while a tear came down, I cleaned right after

I missed them too - he said, I got up and grabbed the phone

I'm gonna call them - I said,dialing the number and hearing it ring

3 rings, my mom picked up

Hello, mom it's me Stats - I said

Oh, hey are you? - she said

I'm good mom, how are you? - I asked

I'm good too..what's up? - she asked me

I was just calling to see if you were coming soon - I said

Oh, honey..noo..we are so busy..don't think we can go in like 5 or 6 months - She said 

WHAT? That long? Mom it seriously feels like we never excited - I said

Trust me honey, I do remember everyday about you - she said

It doesn't like that, you don't even call I have to be the one calling you - I said so angry

Stassie, don't talk to me like that - she said 

No, mom..I'm tired..I didn't sign up for this. - I said and then Harry whispered to calm down 

Then what did you sign up for huh? Instead of been grateful about all the stuff you have, you're been a complete jealous bitch about it - she said, I just throw the phone at Harry and ran up to my room

Hi, mom is Harry..she's being going through a lot lately - that's all I heard and locked myself in my room. 


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