Anything could happen

Stassie is a normal girl, sick and tired of her old school while she goes to another school to see if she likes it and wants to get in she bumps into this cute guy that she though she didn't knew but she did, ones she's settle in her new school things change, everyone hates her and is trying to make her like misarable but she has to wait a semestre to change school. While she's in that school she bumps into an old friend that she thought hated her but he doesn't, he was actually in love with her.

(this was actually a dream I had, I wanted to turn it into a fanfic becuase I really liked it)


16. I'll pay you

I woke up in a room, I didn't know where I was or how many time has gone by I was scared and my head hurt so much, I sat in the floor and looked over my left side and saw Alex laying there asleep

Alex, wake up, Alex - I said moving him, he woke up

Are you ok? did they hurt you? - He said grabbing my head and kissing my forehead while pulling me into a hug

I'm fine, everything's fine but you're bleeding, your head - I said looking at him

I'm fine, you're the one I'm worried about -he said standing up and holding my and to help me stand up

I'm ok, but please tell me what's going on - I said making him look me, he looked at me and started talking

Look, remember how I told you I used to drug myself? I started doing it again 2 months ago and I bought cocaine from this guy who I own money and I told him I was gonna pay him but I never did and I'm so so so so so sorry I dragged you into this - He said crying, I hugged him

No, Alex don't cry..everything is gonna be fine, you didn't know they were gonna come at you when we are hanging out, it's ok, we'll get through this - I hugged him but he let go of me looked at me and kissed me..he was kissing me, I missed him doing that..but when he was kissing me, we heard the door open, he stopped kissing me 

I'm so sorry and please don't say anything, let me talk - He said turning around and grabbing my hand..a two guys came with guns and told us to move out of the room

As we where walking out, one kept looking at me and I was really scared

It's ok honey, I won't're so hot..have they told you that? - he said walking next to me

Leave her alone - said Alex turning to the guy

It's ok, leave him alone..he's not taking anything by looking - I said when we got to this room and there were a lot of guys in it, ones we came through the door a guy grabbed Alex and pushed him towards this guy that was sitting in a chair with a knife and one grabbed me so tight he was hugging me so I couldn't move. 

Well, well, well look it's the guys that can't keep promises - said the guy in the chair, Alex just looked at him and looked back at me and whispered I'm sorry and I whispered back don't worry it's ok 

You have my money? - he said pushing Alex so he sat in a chair and another guy wrapped ropes around him 

No, I don't - he said looking down

Wait, what was that - he said punching Alex in the face, I closed my eyes and started crying 

I don't have your money - said Alex, I opened my eyes and looked at him he was bleeding from his mouth

And what did I told you that will happen if you didn't have my money? - he said punching him again, I cried harder..I couldn't stand look at this man beat him to dead, I just closed my eyes and crying

That you will kill me - said Alex I cried harder 

Good boy - said the guy punching him again, Alex was bleeding so bad it just hurt me seeing him like this.

The guy that was holding me whispered in my ear

No, hottie..look this is where it gets better - he said kissing my neck, I cried harder

Leave me alone - I said crying but he kept kissing my neck and he was going down my arm, I couldn't help but cry..he was holding me so tight I couldn't move and I couldn't do anything, I looked over too see Alex but he could barely stay awake he looked up and saw what the guy was doing to me and just kept whispering I'm so sorry and crying..I just whispered It's ok back. But things got worst the guy pushed me over the wall and started kissing me but really hard it hurt

Leavee me alone - I screamed crying that Alex and the guy that was beating him looked this way 

Well, well well what do we have here - the guy beating Alex up came over and grabbed me and made me stand infront of him and Alex with the one that was just hurting me holding me so I couldn't move

Who's this beautiful lady right here, Alex? - He said looking me up and down 

She's my sister - he could barely talk but he was looking at me 

Your sister, huh? I know your family Alex, don't play dumb on me, now I'm gonna ask you one more time..who's this lovely lady right here? - He said punching him again 

Please, stop - I said crying but the guy holding me whispered that I looked better with my mouth close

So, Alex..who's this lovely lady here? - asked him while walking over to me and moving the hair I had over my shoulder to the back and he kissed my neck 

I told you she's my sister - said Alex again but all the guy did was punch him again, I just cried

Ok, tell me who she is or I'll make this knife go inside her arm, you have 3 seconds..3 - he was moving the knife towards my arm

2 - I felt the cold knife touch my skin 

1 - he cut me a little but he did, I couldn't scream I had the guy holding me cover my mouth with his hand

O - he went deeper but Alex spoke and he stopped

She's my girlfriend, please stop John she has nothing to do here..this is between you and me, leave her alone - Alex said looking at John

Oh so she's your girlfriend and please don't tell me what to do..I'll decide when the fun ends - he said facing me

So, Hi...sweetheart, what's your name? - he asked me but I kept crying and didn't answer him

I said WHAT'S YOUR NAME? - This time he screamed at me

Stassie, my name's Stassie - I said 

What a beautiful name for a really beautiful girl - he said running his hands through my arms 

Don't touch her - said Alex

Shut up - John screamed at him

You know how things go here Alex, it was your problem to drag her into this now she has to pay for your problems, such a beautiful girl..good job Alex, I'm proud of you man - Said John putting his hand in Alex's shoulder but Alex couldn't really speak or move. So the man came over to me and just looked at me

Sweetheart, we are gonna have a lot of fun, don't worry - he said kissing my hand

Don't touch her, you son of a bitch - said Alex

You know what mate, is such a shame your girlfriend has to see you die, poor little girl..she'll be traumatized - said John letting go of me

Then if you're gonna kill me, please take her out of the room, she's been through a lot - said Alex crying

This is what happens when you don't pay people - he said looking at me

Take her out and wait for me honey, I'm not with you - and with that I felt a pair of hands lift me up and take me out 


Wait! Bring her back - said John

I'll pay you but please let Alex go - I said standing in front of him

You're gonna pay me how? - He asked me

I got money, savings..I can do much does he own you 20, 50, 100 dollars? - I asked him but he just laughed 

Honey, he owns me more than what your bracelet cost - he said looking at my dolche and gabbana bracelets

How much is it? - I asked

It's 50,000, darling - he said coming closer and running his hand through my hair

I'll pay you and please don't call me darling - I said

You'll pay me? where you getting the money out off? A tree in your backyard? - he said and everyone laughed

You don't need to know where I'm getting the money from - I said

It such a shame your girlfriend has to pay your bills brother - he said looking at Alex

I'm not gonna let you do that - said Alex

I'm not asking you, I'm doing it - I said 

Is this little shit worth all this money, darling..sorry I mean Stassie - John asked me

He's worth that and more - I said looking at Alex

Owww, how you have 24 hours to get me my money or else, say goodbye to your you will have 2 man with you all the time, try something stupid, bye bye to anyone else that is not the bank people bye bye Alex, got it? - he said 

I got it - I said and with that two men grabbed me and pulled me out of the room


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