Anything could happen

Stassie is a normal girl, sick and tired of her old school while she goes to another school to see if she likes it and wants to get in she bumps into this cute guy that she though she didn't knew but she did, ones she's settle in her new school things change, everyone hates her and is trying to make her like misarable but she has to wait a semestre to change school. While she's in that school she bumps into an old friend that she thought hated her but he doesn't, he was actually in love with her.

(this was actually a dream I had, I wanted to turn it into a fanfic becuase I really liked it)


37. He's right

So, why were you fighting? - I asked turning to look at him

I dunno man, I was just chillin' and he came at me with his two bears - he said in a funny way which made me laugh

Oh, before I forget..I got you something for your birthday - he said standing up and pulling something out of his pocket

Dude, my birthday was like 2 weeks ago - I said 

Better late than never - he said looking at me

C'mon stand up - he said and I stood up facing him and he turned me around and moved my hair to the side, while he placed a cute necklace with a S and a heart. 

It's so cute, thank you - I said and hugged him

You're welcome, princess - he whispered in my ear.

Alex.Oh.Alex.he made me weak, he made me die, I don't think he knew the effect he caused on me but he did anyways, I'm not saying I'm in love with him but I really like him plus he's with Jasmine so yep.

We stopped hugging and looked at each other in the eyes, I saw how he looked at my lips then he started getting closer to me and that's when he kissed me, another magical kiss..he was a really good kisser I must say, he was nice and gentle but then it hit me, Jasmine.

I placed my hands on his chest and pushed him a little, he looked at me with a "what's wrong" face

B-but what about Jasmine? - I asked he just smiled

I already broke up with her - he said getting closer and I pushed him again

Like, 3 days ago - he said

Why? - I asked him

Stts, can we please enjoy the moment..I really missed doing this - he said leaning in to kiss me again and he did, I got so caught up that I didn't care about the subject anymore.

He lifted me up the floor and I hugged his hips, he took us to the bed, he was laying on top of me.

I didn't want it to go far than kissing, I wasn't ready to do it, his hand was placed on my leg going up and down when all of a sudden the door of the house opened, FUCK HARRY.

Shit - I said while the two of us sat 

What was that? - he asked me 

That was Harry - I said looking at him, since Harry wasn't to happy about me hanging out with Alex

Shit - he said

I know, fuck what are we gonna do - I said all scared.

Pretend you're cleaning my cuts - he said and I nodded.

I stood up to go get the first aid from the desk and on my way back, I heard Harry scream

STASSIEEEEEEEEEEE - he screamed but then I heard Cara saying Calm down, Harry. 

He's pissed - I said starting to clean him when the door burst open and an angry Harry followed by Cara and oh great Jasmine came in. 

What's he doing here? - he asked me trying to be polite

Harry, calm down - said Cara

Are you blind? He's injured, I'm just cleaning him - I said going back to cleaning him.

Stassie, don't talk to me like that and what did I say? - he said angry

Harry, I'm sick and tired of you not letting me do whatever I want, I'm old enough and at some point you are gonna have to let me go, I just can't stand you - I said all angry and screaming at him

Yeah, you're 18 in the mean time, I'm in charge of you and you live under my rules - he said screaming at me

Baby, please calm down - said Cara again

No, I'm not gonna calm down, she's so irresponsible - he said looking at Cara

Oh now..I'm the irresponsible one - I said ironicaly

Don't play dumb on me Stassie, I know what you guys were doing - he said

That's it, YEAH WE WERE KISSING AND YOU KNOW WHAT I LIKED IT, BECAUSE I LIKE ALEX and you an your overprotecting skills are not gonna fucking stop me from dating him, so you can leave the way you came in..I so fucking tired of know I actually thought you were gonna change after all that happen but no, you're still the same asshole you were before - I said and he snapped

What did you just say? - he said angry.. now I was scared

I said exactly what you heard, now leave me the fuck alone - I said, I couldn't stand him anymore

He just looked at me for about 5 seconds and left

Oh god, I hate him so much - I said going to close my door.

Stassie, maybe I should go..I'm causing you too much problems - he said and stood up from the bed

No,'s ok, he's just so annoying..he won't let me be - I said looking at Alex

No, Stats..he's right, I'm a bad influence on you - he said

You are not - I said

Stassie, let's remember when you almost died because of me - he said looking at me

Alex, I'm over should be over that - I said

I prefer been way from you and know you're still alive than been with you and watch you die - he said

Wait, what do you mean? - I asked fearing the worst

We can't see each other if that means you are on risk - he said

No, Alex..don't do this..I'm willing to take the risk - I said starting to cry

Princess, please don't cry..we can still see each other maybe ones a week or a month but I don't want you to get hurt - he said and with that he left and left me speechless.


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