Anything could happen

Stassie is a normal girl, sick and tired of her old school while she goes to another school to see if she likes it and wants to get in she bumps into this cute guy that she though she didn't knew but she did, ones she's settle in her new school things change, everyone hates her and is trying to make her like misarable but she has to wait a semestre to change school. While she's in that school she bumps into an old friend that she thought hated her but he doesn't, he was actually in love with her.

(this was actually a dream I had, I wanted to turn it into a fanfic becuase I really liked it)


19. Friends?

I woke up in a hospital room, Harry was seating next to me crying and holding my hand..I slowly opened my eyes and looked over at Harry 

Hey - I said he looked up faster than I could say Hi and started playing with my hair

Hey, you feel? - he asked me cleaning his tears 

I'm good, my stomach hurts - I said trying to move

No, beba, don't move- he said looking at me

Harry, I'm so sorry..I'm so sorry for being such a bad sister for not accepting your relationship with Cara for making you hate me for being so mean, I never appreciated the good brother I have - I said crying

No, Stassie..I know you are..I could never hate you, no matter how much you make me angry I could never hate my little sister - he said hugging me I cried on his shoulder

I really missed you all this time - I said crying harder and letting go

I missed you too, I never gave up till they found you..I knew my little sister was such a fighter and was not gonna leave me, I knew it - He said cleaning my tears

I prayed to god you weren't at home, when I went and got the credit card if not they would've killed you - I said crying more thinking at the idea of my brother dying

You know why I wasn't at home, I was looking for my beautiful little sister all over town..I knew you went home because you left your room a mess and you don't like leaving your room a I looked for your credit card and it was gone - he said crying

We got this call from the bank saying that a girl named Stassie Barbara Styles, left the bank with 50,000 dollars and before leaving whispered help me, please...that's how we found you, the money has trackers on them - said Harry holding my hand tight

It was horrible seeing how the punched Alex to dead, they made me watch everything - I said crying

Alex is fine, Stassie..he was 3 broken ribs and a pretty good beaten up face but his fine and in recovery - said Harry, I just nodded I need to forget Alex

Did you tell Zayn? - I asked him

I told him but I didn't tell him you were with Alex - he said

Good, and please don't tell him..I need to forget Alex - I said 

I won't say anything, I promise - he said kissing my forehead and then Cara walked in 

OMG, Stassie..are you ok, how are you feeling babe? - she said walking up to me- I had to start all over again and be nice to Cara.

I'm fine, Cara thank you - I said smiling at her

I'm glad you are - she turned around to face Harry - Jasmine heard about Alex she's with him right now - said Cara hugging Harry and him giving her a kiss on the forehead

I have to forget Alex. Start all over again. 

Cara, I wanted to apologize for everything I've done or said to you, I guess I was just jealous my brother will change me but I'm that if we get to know each other we could be good friends - I said smiling at her

No, Stassie...I'm so sorry for making your life a living hell, I'm so sorry for being so mean to you and I think that if we get to know each other we can be really good friends- she said hugging me I hugged her back

Friends? - I asked her raising my pinky 

Friends - she said locking her pinky with mine

I'm glad you guys are friends - said Harry hugging both of us 


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