Anything could happen

Stassie is a normal girl, sick and tired of her old school while she goes to another school to see if she likes it and wants to get in she bumps into this cute guy that she though she didn't knew but she did, ones she's settle in her new school things change, everyone hates her and is trying to make her like misarable but she has to wait a semestre to change school. While she's in that school she bumps into an old friend that she thought hated her but he doesn't, he was actually in love with her.

(this was actually a dream I had, I wanted to turn it into a fanfic becuase I really liked it)


12. Car ride.

Stats, get in the car - he said gently 

I can walk, it's not that far away - I said walking again he was following me but in the car 

Yes, is super far away and we need to talk..please get in the car - he said like he was begging me

No, it's fine and it's ok if you are dating Jasmine..I don't care- I said but of course I cared

It's not about's about you - he said..No his dad told him..fuck. I got in the car.

5 minutes of pure silence, until he parked at a park and talked

My dad told me everything - he said turning around to face me, I could feel his eyes looking at me but I just kept looking at my arms

He told me about you and the problems in your schools, he told me about how they bully you and he told me about you and your brother..- he said, he told him he punched me 

Then what do we need to talk about - I asked still looking at my arms, I knew that if I looked at him I was gonna melt.

We gotta talk about a lot of stuff, like..why did he dare put a hand on you? - he said..I was still not looking at him, remembering that made me cry..I was crying but since my head was down he couldn't notice

He got angry because I said Cara was a slut and whore for having sex with him, I heard everything..they were having sex in the room next to me, so the alarm on my phone went on and Cara asked what was that and I said it was a slut starts beeping when a slut is near..I know I did wrong but I never thought he would punched me..he never had..he really changed ones he started dating her - I said crying

Everyone changes when they are in love - he said 

I know but he changed for the worst - I said looking at my arms still

And what seems to be the problem at your schools - he asked me still looking at me, he made me nervous and I know he could see it

 I don't know, I have done nothing..Everyone just hates me..they are so mean and cold to me, I've changed school a lot of times, I thought it was gonna be different here to but Cara's sister had to be here..she's probably gonna make my life miserable - I said crying more

She won't, trust me, I won't let that happen - he said, I just kept silence

People used to bully me a lot  told me I was ugly and fat and no one will ever wanna date me, that I should just go and die..I get depressed a lot because of that - I said crying more

Why would people say that? You are so beautiful and an amazing person but you know what who cares if people don't wanna be your friends, more Stassie for me - he said smiling which made me laugh he was so charming, I was gonna say something but my phone rang

Hello? - I answered

Where are you? I'm outside your school, are you ok? - said Harry

Really Harry, an hour and 45 minutes later? I got a ride with a friend, I was turning in a chikien out there waiting for you - I said, I was angry

What friend? - he asked

Alex, got a problem with that? What were you doing anyways for you to be s late - I asked him

Stassie, I told you to stay away from him, he's trouble and I was fixing something at school, where are you..let me go get you - he said

I'm at Roshbelt Park - I said hanging up 

He's coming to get me - I said still not facing him

Please look at me - He said putting his hand on my leg

I don't want to - I said

Why? - he asked me while drawing circles in my leg

I just don't want to - I said whipping the tears away

Please, I wanna look at your beautiful eyes and face - he said lifting my head up and turning it to face him, I just cried

Don't cry, princesses don't cry..lift your head the crown will fall - he said looking at me, we locked eyes after looking at each other for about 3 minutes I turned away, let my seat go far behind and lay there to wait for Harry, I guess I was so tired I feel asleep

I heard Harry

Where is she, Alex? - he asked him angry

Will you keep it down? she's sleeping -HE said whispering but wrong I was not, I was listening to everything but pretending to be asleep 

Don't tell me to keep it down - Screamed Harry, Alex got out of the car, the door on my side opened

Don't you dare touch her, I'll take her- said Harry and with that I felt to strong arms carry me, I just crawled in his chest

Stay away from her, You're not good for her, she deserves better - he said putting me in the back seat of the car and closing the door with that he got into the car and I heard how Alex slammed his door really hard. I felt asleep again. 

I woke up to the sound of my alarm, it was 10 pm 

I had 4 missed calls from Eleanor and 19 text messages from Eleanor too. One said..Call me, I wanna know who your day went, love ya beba :)xx

I called her and she answered 

Heyy El, sorry I just woke up - I said

It's ok, tell was your first day - she said..youu could tell she was excited we were talking while I was walking downstairs, Harry was in the living room watching TV, he saw me and said Hey sleeping beauty and I just smiled at him

The worst part it, she pulled my still hurts so bad and she told me to stay away from her man - I told Eleanor..I could see Harry listening

Hell no, I'm switching school..those little bitches are messing with the wrong people - she said angry

Eleanor, relax..if I survived 2 years with Cara in the school and dating my brother, I can survive her sister - I said

I hope so if not tell me and I will make an army to take them down - she said I laughed, oh how I love Eleanor

I will don't worry - I said

So what about Alex - she asked me..Alex

I don't know, people told me his dating Jasmine again or they are friends with benefits..but that's ok,,we are practically nothing other than friends - I said

Yes, friends who kissed - she said

Yes, we kissed but it happens all the time - I told her but I heard Harry..YOU KISSED HIM? he was yelling at me

Argh, Eleanor I'll call you later, Harrys jealousy is back, call you in 10 - I said

Ok babe, good luck..bye - she said and hang up 

Pardon? - I asked Harry

YOU KISSED ALEX? - He said screaming at me 

Yes, I did...I'm a girl, he's a boy so we kissed - I said calm

You know what kissing leads to? SEX..IT LEADS TO starts with kissing and then SEX, he's 18 almost 19 you're 15, Stassie, 15..he's more mature than you are - He said calmly

Trust me Harry, I know what's wrong and what's right, I can take care of myself - I said

I just don't like him, he's trouble. You're gonna get in trouble - He said

Like I said, I can take care of myself - I said and with that I left to my room, I called Eleanor and told her everything that happen in the car what harry said to him and what Harry just told me, I felt asleep.

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