Anything could happen

Stassie is a normal girl, sick and tired of her old school while she goes to another school to see if she likes it and wants to get in she bumps into this cute guy that she though she didn't knew but she did, ones she's settle in her new school things change, everyone hates her and is trying to make her like misarable but she has to wait a semestre to change school. While she's in that school she bumps into an old friend that she thought hated her but he doesn't, he was actually in love with her.

(this was actually a dream I had, I wanted to turn it into a fanfic becuase I really liked it)


33. Calm down, he's gone

When we got downstairs, I looked to see the boys and they were all looking at me with their jaw dropping. 

Niall, can close your mouth now - said Eleanor

Liam and don't want a fly to go in you? - said Cara

No..defiantly you're not going out tonight - said Harry

What? Why? - said Eleanor and Cara at the same time

Because she looks beautiful and I was just kidding - said Harry and I just hugged him.

I still wasn't so sure of going out, I didn't feel comfortable and ok

Let's go..clubs waiting for us - said Liam

We will meet my sister there - said Cara, I wasn't up to get mad or something else so maybe I can get along with Jasmine one time.

We were walking to the car and I felt someones hand touch my back, I turned around to see Zayn 

You look more than beautiful - he whispered in my ear

Thank you, you don't look bad either - I said getting in the car 

Harry was driving and Cara in the passengers sit, behind Harry was Niall, Me in the middle and behind Cara Zayn, behind Niall Liam behind me Louis and behind Zayn was Eleanor. 

C'mon Stats, cheer up - said Eleanor

I know, sorry..I just don't feel comfortable..I feel like something is gonna happen, I don't know why - I said and Zayn grabbed my hand

No, Stassie..stop, nothings gonna your birthday - said Harry

I just remain quite, the whole car ride, we got there and went in faster than the people waiting in line.

It was packed like a lot of people, we sat at this table and talked for like a while like 3 hours

Ok, we are going dancing  - said Eleanor and grabbed my hand 

C'mon- said Cara and everyone followed us

Eleanor was dancing with Louis, Cara with Harry, Liam with a girl he met there and Niall and Zayn with me.. we were having a blast maybe it wasn't bad after all, Nialls dance moves are to laugh all funny!. 

I'm tired - I said and we went to sit down at this couch 

So - I said and had Niall in one side and Zayn in the other one

I'mma go get us some drinks - said Zayn and left

What's up Nialler? - I asked turning to face him, he kept looking at me until he started to lean closer to me, I saw what his intentions were so I turned my head to the other side 

I'm sorry - he said

No, Niall is fine..even if it had happen, we wouldn't let a kiss ruin out friendship - I said

Yeah, god..Imma go get some air - said Niall and left. 

I looked up to the second floor and saw a man looking at me with a evil face, I couldn't see him clearly cuz there was smoke but he scared me, when the smoke left I saw him and froze, it was John, I looked down and saw Harry and Cara coming towards me

Hey where are Zayn and Niall? I gave them a simple job and they drop it - said Harry

Mmm Zayn went to get drinks and Niall to get some air - I said 

Ok, how you doing - said Harry

Harry, are you sure they got everyone in the kidnapping?- I asked him

Yeah, they were 10..why? - he said- wrong they were 11 and John is out

No, I was just wondering - I said, I didn't want to scare him

Everything is fine? - he asked me

Yes, everything's fine...go dance, Zayn and Niall will be back in short notice - i said and with that they left. 

I was sitting there wondering what was taking Zayn and Niall so long and felt someone breathing in my ear, I closed my eyes and got so scared-

Hey beautiful, remember me - said John whispering in my ear..I just nodded

Good, now walk and nothing will happen to your friends - he said a pushed me to walk 

I was walking, he was grabbing my arm leading me, I was searching for everyone with my eyes but couldn't find them we got to this door and he opened and it lead to the back of the club, he pushed me to the wall and put his hands around me. 

Well , well , well if it isn't the living dead - he said, I was just looking to the side crying. I was so scared

Aren't you gonna say something, sweetheart? - he said and I just remained quite

I bet you got a pretty bad scar in your stomach - he said touching my stomach and pulled his hand away

Don't touch me - i said 

Don't talk to me like that - he said grabbing my face with a hand

Now, where were we last time? - he asked me touching my leg and pulling my dress up

I believe we where at the part were I hit your balls with my leg - I said

Oh sweetheart don't play funny on me, I got a gun - he said and I felt the gun touch my stomach

I froze with those 4 words "I got a gun"

He was about to kiss my neck when the door opened and an angry Alex came out 

No, Alex..he has a gun - I said warning him, he just stood there and John turned around pointing the gun at my head

No, sweetheart if I do this, you don't get a second chance - said John 

C'mon man, you don't wanna do'll go to jail, just drop it and we will walk out like nothing happen - said Alex and John got the gun out of my face, I was so scared. 

We will be seen each-other soon, Alex - he said and started walking 

Oh and you too sweetheart - he screamed when he turned around the corner 

I felt Alex hug me..I was in shock..I couldn't move..I just kept crying

Everything's ok - he said 

I was so scared - I said

I know you were - he said kissing my head

What if he had shot me, I wouldn't be here right now..I would be dead and I'm just 17..I didn't wanna go through this again, I thought he was in jail but then he just - Alex cut me off

Stassie, calm down..he's gone - he said

Stassie, look at me - he said grabbing my face in his hands and making me look at him. 

He's gone - he said and looked at my eyes..I thought he was gonna kiss me, I wanted him to kiss me but he hugged me again

C'mon let me take you home - he whispered in my ear and grabbed my hand and lead me to his car, he opened the door and I got in then he did. 

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