Anything could happen

Stassie is a normal girl, sick and tired of her old school while she goes to another school to see if she likes it and wants to get in she bumps into this cute guy that she though she didn't knew but she did, ones she's settle in her new school things change, everyone hates her and is trying to make her like misarable but she has to wait a semestre to change school. While she's in that school she bumps into an old friend that she thought hated her but he doesn't, he was actually in love with her.

(this was actually a dream I had, I wanted to turn it into a fanfic becuase I really liked it)


8. Alex day

Eleanor and I were laying there in the bed and she turned around to face me

Did you find a school yet? - she asked me

Yes, Richmond School- I told her

Oh cool, I heard there's a lot of hotties there! - She said and I remembered I need to tell her about Alex

Tell me about it, I meet this cute guy today named Alex..and I told her everything - she was so excited

So we drove me home and since it's home Harry saw him and told me not to do date him or things were gonna get ugly and that's why I was crying when you guys got there - I said and showed her the picture he took 

Oh he's really hot! Don't listen to Harry tho - she said

I know, and the best part is he told me to call him tomorrow! so we can hang out - I said so excited

I'm so happy that you're happy, I love you this way not the mascara everywhere face - She said hugging me

Aww Eleanor, I love you - I said hugging her back, we fell asleep and I woke up the next morning at like 10, Eleanor had already waken up so I took a shower, got ready and went down..everyone was there..Felicity and Lottie..Lou's sisters where my age, I knew them way back. 

Stasssiieeeeeeee - They said running at me and hugging me

Heey! - I said hugging them back

I heard you are staying with us for a whilee!- said Lottie

I am, we are gonna have so much fun - I said

Yess, we are - they said 

Enough of talking come eat cuz it's gonna get cold - said their mom 

Hey, Jay, I wanted to thank you for everything, I really appreciate it - I said hugging her

Oh sweetheart is no problem, you're always welcomed here - She said hugging me back after we stopped hugging I went to the table and sat there and ate, we were having a blast..we finished and Eleanor, Lou and I went to my room and sat in the bed, I grabbed my phone and decided to call Alex

he answered after the first ring

Hello - he said with his cute accent

Hey,'s Stassie - I said 

Oh hey princess, what's up? How are you? - He said

I'm good, how are you? - I said sitting in bed and Eleanor and Lou where looking at me

I'm really fine, you wanna hang out today? I'll pick you up in 10 - he said

Yeah, sounds good, but I moved out of my house..text you the new address right now - I said

Ok, love..bye - he said hanging up and I texted him Lous address 

Why are you looking at me like that? - I asked them

Nothing, nothing - they said

Well he's picking me up in five so see ya - I said leaving the room

bye, have fun..we love ya - said Lou 

Love ya too - I said screaming while getting out of the house and Alex was pulling over, he got out of the car and opened the door for me but without giving me a kiss near my lips, I knew he wanted to kiss me. I got in the car and got a text from Lou

Oh a kiss near the lips, he wants to kiss good choice he's really hot (wink face) - I started laughing and he got in

Why you laughing - he said smiling at me

No, just a friend...I got a text right now - I said smiling at him and texting Lou back

HAHA real funny, he doesn't wanna kiss me..and I know his super hot - I texted him 

the car ride was fun, we where singing to the songs on the radio when we got to this lake, he parked the car and opened the door for me.. I got out and walked next to him, we sat in a table across from each other

Let's play the question game - said Alex

Sure, why not - I said

Ok, I start - he said doing a thinking face

How many boyfriends have you had before - he asked me 

None, actually..forever alone - I said he started laughing

But why, you're so beautiful  - he said

Thank you, my turn - I said

How many girlfriends, trouble boy - I asked

mmmmhmm about 8 or 9 - he said

Someone's a heart breaker - I said

Do I make you nervous - he asked, I did not expect that question 

hmm a little - I said looking down

it's ok, I cause that effect on people sometimes - he said joking, I started laughing

What, where you and you're dad talking about? - I asked him, his face turned from happy to I didn't know if it was angry or confused

Well, the day before that he had to pay for me because I was in jail, they found cocaine in my car but I was there a day and he saw I kissed your cheek and he told me to stay away from you and I guess Camila told you he's my dad - he said

So you drug yourself? - I asked

It's my turn, what else did Camila told you? I'm starting to think you didn't talk about the school - he said 

She told me, he was your dad and that you were popular and that I needed to be smart cuz you could hurt me -I said 

I do drug myself but I'm trying to stop it, did you believe her? - he asked me, all of these came as a shock to me, if he's on drugs he might be doing something else too

at first I didn't but a lot of people had told me to stay away from you because you're trouble - I told him standing up and walking.. I felt him walking behind me but he didn't say anything, we where just walking about 10 minutes later..I stopped and I felt his chest and stomach touch my back and he hugged me from behind, I got nervous.

Don't get nervous, I won't hurt you - He whispered in my ear, I froze..he had this effect on me. 

I believe in you - I said, he stopped hugging me and turned me around, look at me and smile

We should get going, is gonna get dark soon - he said and with that we were walking to the car, it was a long walk but he made sure to make it fun..he started messing with my hair...pushing me and stuff like that..he stop and I felt something cold touch my arm and it kept moving down, drawing a line until it reached for my hand and locked it with mine. I was nervous but he was holding my hand..I didn't say anything I just kept walking we got to the car and he opened my door, I got in and let go of his hand, he got in to and drove me home. 

We got to Louis house and he stopped the car and turned to face me, I was looking at his beautiful blue eyes after like 2 minutes looking at each-other I talked

So this is my stop - I said opening the door but he grabbed my hand pulled me in, looked at my face, run his hands through it and kissed me, It was a slow but magical and amazing kiss. I was in shock

I wanted to do that for a while now - he said, still holding my head in his hands

I'm glad you did - I said smiling and he kissed me again..gosh his a really good kisser. 

I'm glad too - he said letting go of my face

Thank you for bringing me - I said opening the door again

Anytime, princess, anytime - he said I was getting out but I got in again and gave him a short kiss

Adios, amigo - I said and closed the door, I came in the house so happy..I went up to my room, opened the door

Omg guys, you're not gonna believe what just happened - I said from Happy to serious just by looking at Louis and Eleanor faces 

What's wrong? - I asked

It's Harry - Said Eleanor

What's wrong with him, is he ok? - I asked scared, even though he hurt me he was still my brother and  loved him so much. 

He is fine, but he came over to apologize to you and I said you were not here and he asked me where were you and I said that you were...- he stopped talking

What did you tell him Louis? - I said expecting the worst

I told him you went out with Alex - he said looking down

Oh god, no no..this is not happening. -  I said starting to cry

Calm down, Stassie, he won't hurt him - Lou said hugging me

You don't know him Lou..he told me that if I ever hang up with him again..this wasn't gonna be pretty- I told him..

It's ok, calm down - said Eleanor..I just stayed there laying in bed, hugging Louis and Eleanor playing with my hair, I don't know why but I had this urge to see Alex and have him next to me, I need to stay away from him if not he's gonna get hurt. 







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