the only exception

my first movella dont hate


19. Zayns "fan"girl

Zayn's POV

After the concert, we have a signing. A crazed fangirl runs up to me and hans me a sheet of pink paper folded into a heart, I unfold it and it has her phone number on it. "Hi! I'm Marissa! I love you sooooo... much!" she says before hugging me and running back to her squealing group of friends. She was actually really cute. She looked around seventeen to nineteen. Short for her age but looked mature.

After the signing, we go back to our hotel. I pull out the number and my phone from my pocket. I dial the number and it rings. Marissa picks up the phone and says, "Hello? Who is this?" "Ummm... Zayn, Zayn Malik..." I say nervously. She must have me on speakerphone with her group of friends in the background because I hear familiar squeals. "Shhhh..." she says to the slowly fading squeals."ummm... i...if you're not doing anything tomorrow..." I say nervously, "would you like to g... go out on a d... hang out with me?" I add. "YES!!!" She says excitedly. "When and where?" She adds. "What's good?" I ask. "What about ice cream?" She asks. "Sounds good, want to meet around two thirty there?" I ask. "Okay, see you there! Bye." She says excitedly. I can just see her and her friends jumping up and down with excitement for her date... day out, tomorow.





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