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24. Will You Marry Me

Nialler's POV

"Will you marry me, Alli?" I ask. She just looks at me and a tear runs down her face. I stand up and wipe the tears off of her face. "Niall-" she says. "... I dont know. I need to think, I-I hope that you understand." She finishes before walking away. I just stand there shocked, and I fall to the ground, tears streaming down my face. I hear someone open the door and walk out to me on the balcony. "Come on in with me Niall." The person says, it's Liam. When we go inside, Liam sits me down on the couch. "What happened Nialler?" He asks. I hand him the small box and he opens it. "Ooooh, Nialler. I'm so sorry" He says. I start bawling again and cry myself to sleep on the couch.

Alli's POV

What just happened?! Did he just propose... to ME? WHY?! But more importantly, why didnt I say yes? All of these questions are running through my head.

Wait! Does he even lov me, or is he just doing this for publisity? What am I thinking? Of course he loves me... Does he? 

Nialler's Pov

I wake up in a dark room on a couch and suddenly remember where I am. Oh my god! She's gunna think I don't want to be with her because she didn't answer me. I jump off of the couch and run over to my and Alli's room. I unlock and open the door to find that Alli is in the bathroom.

Alli's POV

 I hold the blade to my wrist, trying to think what to do. I start to slide the blade across my skin until I break skin. I take the blade, set it down on the counter, and look at the small slit I've now made in my once bound skin. I see a drop of blood bead up and tear down my arm. I look in the mirror and see Niall, standing behind me, horrified at what I had just done to myself. Niall runs over to me and takes the blade from out of my reach. "What are you doing Alli?" He asks. "N-Niall... I-I can explain..." I say. "No. Don't talk. Just relax." He says. He hugs me tight, not caring whether or not I got blood on him or his white shirt. He grabs me a bandage and gauze for me. He walks me over to the couch and sets me down. "This will probably sting a little bit. Okay?" Niall says before placing the gauze on my wrist with pressure. He was right, it does sting. He wraps the bandage arond my wrist before speaking again. "Promise you'll never do this again Alli." Niall looks me in the eyes and pulls me in for a kiss. And in between kisses, I say, "Yes... Yes I'll marry you." Niall picks me up bride-style and sits me over on our bed. He walks over and takes the small box out of his jacket-pocket, and walks back over to me. He takes my hand and slips the beautiful ring onto my finger. "A beautiful ring for a beautiful girl. And now she's all mine." Niall says in his sweet Irish accent. "I love you so much Niall." I whisper. We lay down side by side and look into eachothers' eyes. Niall leans over and kisses me while I run my hand through his soft hair and he strokes my back. I tangle my legs with his and we slip eachothers' clothes off. He then moves downward and starts kissing my neck. And I think you know where it goes from there...

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