the only exception

my first movella dont hate


27. Wedding Day part 2... The big day

Alli's POV

I begin down the isle and see Niall's family, it's big. I then look at Niall, and Liam standing behind him. The smile on Nialls face goes from ear to ear. Emily is handing me over to Niall and is walking beside me, we look over to eachother and smile big. Once we reach Niall and Liam, Emily hand my hand to Niall and stands behind me. The preacher motions for everyone to sit and starts to speak.

"I do..." We bith say after ALOT of vows.

"You may kiss the bride." The preacher says just in time for us to crash our lips together.

"I missed you." Niall whispers so only I can hear.

"I missed ou too." I whisper in the same manner.

We then walk back down the isle together, we are now inseperable.

We walk up to the cake table and Niall hands me the knife. Niall leads my hand as I push the blade into the cake. It's so soft. When we are ready to feed eachother the first bites, Niall smashes the bite sized peice into my cheek. Oh shit just got real. I smash the piece in my hand into his cheek. And now our faces are both covered in cake. I pick up a napkin and wipe the cake off of his face as he does the same to me.

We make our way out to the dance floor as our wedding song, Little Things, comes on. Niall puts his arm around my waist and takes my hand as we start slow danceing.

When everyone goes home, Niall and I are left alone in the hall. "Lets go home." Niall chuckles. We hold hands as we walk out of the hall to Niall's car. Once we get home, Niall carries me upstairs and into our room. He lays me down on the bed and sits on top of me. I pull his shirt off and he unzips my dress before slipping it off. He then slips the rest of our clothes off and it goes from there.

I guess Niall reall was my only exception... 

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