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26. Wedding day part 1... morning of

Alli's POV

I wake up in  a bed that I don't entirly recognize. And then realize that it's my wedding day. I get up and realize that I'm at Natalie's house, unfortunatly, without Niall. I haven't seen him since yesterday morning, and I miss him ALOT!!! "Wake up guys!" I yell into Natalies room. They all barely move at all. I walk over and shake Emily. "Wake up ya lazy bums. Just kidding!" I joke. But I could tell that none of them were morning people and weren't in the joking mood. 

Once we are all up, Natalie makes pancakes for everyone, but I don't eat any. I'm too nervous to have an appitite.

Nialler's POV

I wake up and turn over to find that Alli's not there. I get up and start to panic. I burst into the living room to find the boys sitting around laughing. "Where's Alli?!" I ask panicedly. They all look at me then back at eahother, then start to crack up quietly. "What?!?! What's going on???" I demand. "Dude," Harry says. "She's at Natalie's," Loui finishes for Harry. "Dude, it's your wedding day!" Liam adds. "Oh." I say embarassingly quickly. The boys laugh loudly until I get fed up and go back into my room.

I go back out to find the boys eating breakfast.

Alli's POV

I sit on my bed in the guest room and wait for the girls to come in with my dress. I hear a knock on the door and yell to come in. The three girls come in and Emily pulls my long white gown. It's so beautiful, it's white and strapless with a flared skirt. The skirt has silver lace and beading on it, with a blue accent throughout it. I put my dress on and sit down infront of the mirror. Natalie walks over to me and picks up the brush on the side table. She starts running it through my hair and puts it up in a bun. Marissa opens up the box with my tiara and puts it on my head. "Alli, you look beautiful." Emily almost whispers. "Thank you." I whisper back.

We are ready for the big day, I hope Niall is too.  

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