the only exception

my first movella dont hate


18. The Concert

Niall's POV

I stare out into the crowd from backstage. "Full house." Alli says from behind me. I turn around and kiss her. The boys come up beside us, "We go on in three minutes, mate." Liam says to me. "Good luck!" the girls shout as we run on stage. I love our set-up. We have the big red couch, and the screen where the stage crew puts up the funniest tweets and questions. Some one tweeted to bring our girlfriends on stage. So we wave for them to come out and they nervously walk out and sit with us on the big couch. I was surprised that all eight of us fit on the couch. "KISS... KISS... KISS" The choral crowd demands. So, I lean in and kiss Alli on the lips. "Love you babe." I accidentally say into the microphone. Everyone, even the crowd laughs and I apologize. Alli says it's okay though. That's why I love her that much more than anyone else ever could.

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