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my first movella dont hate


9. Steves Revenge

Nialls POV

They bring an ambulance to our house and take Alli to the hospital. The whole way there, I watch Alli and hold her hand. She's sleeping and looks so peaceful. The bandage they put on her head to stop the bleeding had been reddened by blood and her head was still bleeding. I'm so worried for her. When we got to the hospital, they seen her head and rushed her out of the ambulance and into the hospital. I follow them as far as I can until they tell me to go to the waiting room. As the boys walk in, I start to cry. "Is she okay?" Harry asks. I am so angry at Harry, Why did I feel like this was his fault? It isn't, I'm just taking my anger out on him. "They said she would have to stay here for a few days. But that she should be okay." I reply. I would stay here with her as long as she was here.

Harry's POV

The boys are spread out sleeping in the waiting room. It's about 9:30, and Natalie, my girlfriend, walks in and asks if everything is okay. I had texted her. Natalie is tall with short golden brown hair. She sits down and I kiss her. "What happened?" She asks. "Niall's girlfriend, Alli slipped in the shower and she broke her leg and possibly has a concussion." I reply. The doctor walks in and I wake up Niall. "Alli has broken her leg and has a concussion. You can go in and visit her, but she probably doesn't remember much." says the doctor. So we go in and see Alli. "Who the hell are you?" Alli asks. I could see Niall was close to tears and says, "I'm Niall, your boyfriend... Alli?... Alli?" he starts to cry and hugs her, Alli hugs him back and I see a tear start to roll down her face. Alli was remembering. Niall releases and backs away I walk over to her and I can see the look of hate in her eyes. "Alli, look, I'm so sorry." I see her face grow softer and sweeter. Like her old self.

Niall's POV

When the doctor tells the boys that they have to leave, I stay. Throughout the night, nurses came in to change the  bandages on her head. As one of the nurses come in, I start to fall asleep. The next morning, I wake up and Alli is playing cards with Zayn and apparently winning. I get up from the recliner in Alli's room. "Good morning, Handsome." Alli laughs. I must look a mess with my hair sticking up like it does in the morning. "Uggghhh..." I moan. I go into the bathroom and get ready. When I come out of the bathroom, Alli is cheering and rubbing it in that she must have won. Zayn is amazing at cards, so either Alli was a pro secretly or Zayn let her win. "Have you heard from the doctor yet?" I ask. "Yes!..."Harry says excitedly, "she can go home tomorrow!" The doctor comes in and says, "Alli, your father's here." "NOOO!!!!" She yells. "Can I have a moment alone with Alli?" I ask. So they leave and I walk over to Alli and say, "Maybe it would be good to see your father." I could hear yelling in the waiting room, it must be Steve. There's a gunshot and a big muscular man with a bald head burst through the door. He was pointing a gun at me and I embrace myself for the bullet. I would take a bullet for Alli and I wasn't going down without a fight. I hear Steve drop the gun and take four steps forward. I open my eyes and he takes a swing at me. I feel my nose snap as Alli yells, "NOOOO STEVE!!!! Get away from him. Just leave! It's not worth it steve." But he didn't listen to her. He took another swing and I was on the floor. Then, Steve starts kicking me in the ribs and the head. The police come in and take him away. I am left on the floor for the few minutes until the doctor had realized what happened. They rolled a bed over next to Alli's, picked me up, and put in it.


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