the only exception

my first movella dont hate


7. solving problems... for times sake

Alli's POV
I wake up to find that Niall's not there. But, he did leave a note. It reads, "Alli, meet us downstairs for breakfast." So I get up and get dressed. I'm wearing a navy blue lace and white dress with my black flats and my hair up in a bun with a lace-flower headband. So I go down and smell pancakes. "Mmmmm... pancakes." I say. "My favorite!" Niall adds. We all giggle a little. I walk over and sit down next to Niall and he leans over and kisses me on the cheek. They all giggle and I start to smile. "You're all so imature!" Niall laughs. I laugh along. Liam hands me a plate and I get two pancakes and two strips of bacon. "Is that all?"Niall asks. "Yeah.Why?" I ask him. "Oh, its just that yours truely is on his eighth pancake and still going strong." Harry laughs. Niall smiles and shovels another forkfull into his mouth. When we are done with breakfast, we go to the cinema room. Zayn opens the doors to a big walk in closet and asks,"Alli, what do you want to watch?" I walk over and the closet's walls are covered in shelves of movies. "What about horror?" I ask the boys. They all knod and Zayn gestures to a wall just for horror movies. We agree on one called "Death of the dead". So we put it in and it came on. We sat down and I sat next to Niall. I rest my head on his chest and he put his arm around me. The movie is really scary. Niall is shaking in fear, "are YOU scared, Niall?" I ask him. I look over to the other guys and Liam is scared so much. I can tell because he is curled up in a blanket, his eyes are glued to the screen and shaking. It's the same for the rest of the guys. Except for Harry and Louis, they are curled up together shaking. It's so funny. We are such babies, every time a scary part comes, we cover our heads with blankets. Then we slowly pull them back down. About half way through the movie, Zayn tiptoes up behind me and grabs me on the shoulder. "AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" I scream. Liam pauses the movie, "WHAT?!" Says Niall and looks behind us. Zayn ducks and crawls back to his seat. "Something grabbed my shoulder!" I say in a paniced tone. We all look at Zayn. "WHAT!?!?" Zayn laughs. We all burst out laughing, except Zayn, he just sits in his seat and smiles. I feel my phone buzzing in my pocket. "It's Emilie calling." I say. So, I get up and walk into another room. I answer the phone, "Hi," I say, "how are you?" "I'm ok..." she says, "soooo... how's it going with the boys?" "What's that supposed to mean?" I say. I know that she's implying something when she says this. "What I mean is Niall!" Emilie says. She knows that Niall "was" single but what she doesn't know "yet" and what she's implying is that she knew Niall and I would end up together. "Have you been spying or talking to one of the boys?!" I ask, unless she just knows Niall too well... and maybe better than her own boyfriend. "No," She replies, "I just know Niall all too well to know that he would never pass up a chance with a girl like you." "What's that supposed to mean? What, did he just want me for my looks?" I start to cry and Niall must have heard me because he rushed to my side and tried to cheer me up. It didn't work. "Is Niall with you?" Emilie asks. "Yes." I say clearing the tears from my eyes. "Can I talk to him?" Emilie asks. "Sure." I hand the phone to him. The talk for a little and I walk back into the cinema room still clearing the tears from my eyes. Liam rushes to my side, "what happened?! Alli?" he asks me. "Nothing..." I cry. Niall runs in after me and the guys just give him the death stare. "There was a misunderstanding." Niall says, "can I talk to you, Alli?" Niall asks me and we walk up to his bedroom. We sit on "our" bed and Niall asks, "Why would you ever think anything as silly as that?" "Because Emilie said that you wouldn't pass up a chance with a girl like me, and I guess that I got the wrong idea." I say. "Yeah. I guess so." Niall says sarcastically. I laugh and say, "so I guess all of our problems are solved now... for time's sake.
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