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15. Memories

Alli's POV

The scene was replaying in my head. Harry would kiss me then I would try and pull away, but he wont let go. Then Niall walks in and this is where my dream turns to a nightmare. But then Niall walks in and beats the living crap out of Harry. He almost kills Harry by strangling him. Then Niall looks at me and sees the fear in my eyes, so he drops Harry and rushes over to me. But I don't let Niall get close enough to touch me. I watch Harry trying to gasp for air until Niall trys to come closer, then I would yell, "Don't touch me!" At this moment, I would glance over to Harry whose life just had flashed before his eyes. At this point, I wake up sweating and out of breath. Niall woke up too. "What's wrong, Alli." I couldn't answer him, I hadn't talked to him since the scene earlier tonight. I was scared to. So, I get up, slip a pair of shorts on and go downstairs. I sleep in the theatre room for the rest of the night.

I wake up to see Niall sleeping on the floor next to me and Zayn sitting on the recliner watching us sleep. I look at him "Good Morning Alli." Zayn says , he sounds confused. "What?" I ask. "Why are you down here? What happened last night?" Zayn asks. "I woke up from a night mare. I'm scared of Niall, and Harry. My dad..." I am mumbling now. Everything is rushing back, steve and every thing he ever did to me or made me do to my self. Running away to Emily's place. The hospital, Niall almost dieing. Being hated by Paul. Harry kissing me and not letting go. Niall beating the living crap out of Harry and leaving him to die. Replaying the scene in my head over, and over again. Not being able to even talk to or look at Niall. "I'm so scared, why Zayn," I say as I turn to him," why am I scared?" "Well..." Zayn says, "you did witness Niall doing some pretty scarey stuff that he normally doesnt do. And I've never seen him that angry before." At this point, I was crying and Zayn was comforting me with his hand running through my hair and my head on his lap. Niall gets up and just looks at us confused, "Okay, what did I miss now?" asks Niall. He sits back down on the floor and holds my hand. 

Zayn's POV

I know that I'm not the one who should be comforting Alli, but I can't stand to see Alli cry. It breaks my heart every time. I think Niall understands, he's just too angry to be okay with it. He really scared Alli last night at the concert, but he really does care about her and love her. "Can I have a bit with Alli, Zayn?" Niall asks me. "Sure." I say. They need to talk and I respect that, so I get up and Alli wont let go of my hand. I look at Niall and he has mixed expressions on his face. It's like he's sad, angry, worried, and scared at the same time. I can see the pain in his eyes too. So I look into Alli's eyes and nod Alli nods back and lets go of my hand.

Niall's POV

"Why'd you do it, to Harry? I understand what he did was wrong, but if Natalie hadn't have been there, Harry might be dead or in critical conditions right now.I'm now scared of you and Harry." Alli cries. I sit up next to her and comfort her like Zayn was, but its not working. Alli's still crying.

Alli eventually cries herself to sleep and is quiet, her head in my lap,curled in a ball.

Harry walks in scarcely and sits in front of us on the floor. "Niall, you don't know how sorry I am." He says. "Alli's scared of the both of us now. And look, Harry I know I overreacted ALOT, but why'd you do it, why'd you kiss her?" "I kissed her because I think I... love her" Harry says. "Steve no...." mumbles Alli, "okay.... nooo.... AAAAHHHH!!!!" Alli yells and wakes up instantly. We stare at her in shock, "what?" Alli asks. "You were talking and yelling in your sleep." Harry tells her, "what were you dreaming about anyway?" "Steve. I think." I guess all of the memories were flowing back.

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