the only exception

my first movella dont hate


2. lost and found

Alli's POV

As I'm starting to run, I'm thinking, "where will I go?" Because I don't know I stop running and look at my bedroom window and Steve is pointing a gun at me. I can see it in his eyes, he cant do it. He cant pull the trigger. He drops the gun to the garden below. He's climbing onto my window sill. Will he jump? "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" He's falling as he hits the ground, I hear a rustling in the garden. I start to run again. Steve bursts through the gate and starts running after me. "You'll pay for this you little bitch!!!!" Steve yells after me. I KNOW WHERE I'LL GO!!!!!!! I'll run to Emilie's sorority house she can let me into where Steve couldn't go. Ok it's settled, I'll go to Emilie's place.

Steve's POV

Damn it, that bitch is fast where is she going. Oh crap, I think I know where she's going. She's going to campus. I'm not aloud there. I HAVE TO CATCH UP TO HER!!! She'll probably hide out with that slut, Emilie.

Alli's POV

I'm finnaly at Emilie's place and Steve's getting closer. I start banging on the door. "EMILIE!!!!!...EMILIE!!!!!...OPEN...PLEASE!!!!...", I yell. Ashley comes and opens the door. "What do you want Alli? It's like 12:30am." I think she sees Steve coming because she pulls me in and locks the door, we go wake up Emilie. She's sleeping with some guy, he has brown curly hair. There's also some other guy sleeping in the room, he has his own bed though. He looks perfect, with his cute face and blonde hair. We look out the window and see Steve with the gun in his hand again. This time I pull out my phone, dial 911, and hit the call button. I hold it to my ear, "911 what's your emergency?" The operater askes. I say" There's a man out side my apartment with a gun." "Alli! The police are here," Ashley yells. I run to the window and the police have Steve surounded. They repeat for about the sixth time, "Sir, please put the weapon down." Steve finnaly drops the gun and the police put him in hand cuffs.

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