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10. Life Line

Alli's POV

I wake up and look at Niall, he's shaking and gasping for air, but he's not awake. "Niall... Niall!!! Wake up!!! Please!" He wont wake up. "Doctor!!! Help!!!" I yell. They rush in and check his pulse and rush him out. "OMG!!! Whats happening?!" I say to myself. My world is crumbling around me as I speak. I thought for a while and called Zayn. "What is so important that you needed to inurupt MY beauty sleep!? Who is this anyway?" He demands. "It's Alli and don't you have caller ID, Zayn?" I ask. "Oh Alli sorry! What's up?" He asks. "Can you come to the hospital? They just took Niall away in a bad condition, I need someone to talk to. A shoulder to cry on, you could say. And you can bring the boys but tell them that they'll be waiting for a while. Harry can bring Natalie if he wants, too."I say. About a half hour later, Zayn leans in the doorway and knocks. I laugh because I know he doesn't want to intrude. "Come in stranger, it feels like I haven't seen you in forever. But in reality, I know that I seen you yesterday because I remember beating your butt at cards. You certainly are a worthy apponent." I tease. Zayn comes over and hugs me. At this moment, I start to bawl. He pulls away and hands me a package and a card. "From Harry, of course." We both laugh. I open the card and it reads, "something to keep you company until your BF is better. I set the card down and open the package. It's a signed picture from Niall, a charm bracelt with an "N" on it, and the funniest gift of all, a Niall doll that said,"Let's Go To Nando's!" every time you press a button on his back. "So, what happened?" Zayn asked. "Well..." I said "I woke up to Niall shaking and barely breathing. I tryed to wake him up, but he didn't budge so I called for the doctor. When the doctor came in, he checked Niall's pulse, then they rushed him out of the room." I say.

Zayn's POV

We spent the next few hours playing cards and talking. Eventually, a nurse wheels Niall in, in a wheel chair. He looks pretty rough. He was so quiet too. Just sitting there, motionless, looking at us. He has a black eye, stitches up the left side of his face. His head was bandaged and there was a cast on his leg half way up his shin. Steve had really beaten the crap out of the  kid. But once he had healed, he'd be good as new ready to be crazy again like his old self, but that would take a while...

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