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11. Healing

Alli's POV

It's been about a week since Niall and I have left the hospital and we are almost healed. You can barely see the scars on his face anymore. He has such an amazing body. We both still have our casts on our legs. Niall has a walking boot, but I still have to use crutches,it sucks! Natalie walks into the room, "knock knock. Can we talk?" She asks. "Sure. About what?" I ask. "Harry, if you're comfortable with talking about him after what happened." Says Natalie. "Yes, I was mad at the beginning when it happened. But, Im over it now. So what about Harry?" I ask. "Well when we are on the streets walking there is always a crowd of girls around him, and he like checks them out all the time. I dont know I guess Im just jealous, and I probably sound really stupid saying this, but I feel like he cares more about the fans than he does me." Natalie says. "Well..." I Say, "I'm sorry but, I can honestly say that I dont know. I mean, dont say this to Niall, but he is my first boyfriend ever. And we really haven't gone on a date yet so it hasn't happened yet. Sorry." "Really, a beautiful girl like you, Niall is your first boyfriend?" She seems shocked. I just laugh and ask, "why does everyone think that I'm so beautiful? I don't see it." "Maybe if you didn't wear hoodies all of the time and long sleeves. We should go shopping, get you some really nice clothes, and maybe some skirts or dresses. I've always felt that if you dress sexy, you look sexy and you feel sexy. And thats why I dress like I do." Natalie says. "okay... But I need to tell you something in  private before we go. Why I wear long sleeves." I say. "Okay..." She says. So we went upstairs to my and Niall's room and sit down on the bed. "Okay..."I say," this is really hard for me to say because I've never told anyone before. But... I used to self harm. Niall doesn't even know." "Okay, well I'm going to help you get over that... Okay?..." she says. And with that we left. Once we got to the mall, we go into this cute little shoppe. It has alot of blues and purples and reds and blacks. These are some of my favorite colors.

Natalie's  POV

I loved takeing Alli shopping. She seems so much happier than she did when we met. This was a nice way to break the ice too. I would consider us really good friends now. "Where were you!!! Alli, I was so worried!" Niall crys as he hugs Alli breathless. "Niall..." Alli says, "we are fine, we just went shopping." "oooo..." Harry says "what'd you get?" "Well I'll show you if Niall doesn't hug me to death!" Alli says gasping for air. Niall releases on his grip and Alli comes over and takes her bags from me. 

Niall's POV

Once Alli was done showing us the clothes that she had gotten, it was around 11:00. Alli looked like she was getting tired so we said our good nights and went to our  rooms. When we are ready for bed we sit down and she leans over and kisses me on the lips. She smiles and I follow with the kiss, this lasts for around a minute and thirty seconds, that's the longest yet. She puts her hand in my hair and I put my arm around her waist and then we pull away but I keep my arms around her waist and Alli pulls the blanket over us. She wraps her legs around mine and I hate to ruin the moment, but I don't want to hurt Alli's ankle even more. So, I pull away, reluctantly and she just gave me the sad puppy face. "What's wrong Niall?" she asks scared that she could've done somthing wrong. "Nothing..." I say sadly, "I just don't want to hurt your ankle even more than it is. I mean, in a day or two your cast will be of and we can... will go farther than this. Okay?" "Okay..." she says sadly, "I understand." So we kiss good night, she turns over and we go to sleep.

Alli's POV

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! It has been almost two days since Niall and I have tried to "make a move" and today is the day that we get our casts off. As Liam drives us to the hospital to get our casts off, Niall and I just stare and smile at eachother."I cant  wait to get this thing off." I say. "I know right." Niall replies. So once we get to the hospital and get our casts off, the doctor told us to take pain killers as needed at least once a day for eight days.


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